four Issues to Do Earlier than You Begin Portray Your House

Painting is one of the most popular ways to boost a property’s curb appeal while elevating its value!

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Whether it’s a new house or a previously occupied home, sellers use it every day as a way to attract potential buyers. As a homeowner, you might also want to repaint your home to spruce things up a bit or match your wall colors with the rest of your interior décor. Painting is actually among the most common DIY projects you can take up easily, but there are several things to consider to make it a smooth sail, and avoid disappointments. Here are 4 crucial things you should do before painting your home.

1. Get a Storage Unit for Your Belongings 

More often than not, paint jobs are messy. Even if you’re using a painting company, there’s a chance that one or several of your belongings might collect dust, stains, grime, or even odors from paint.

Furthermore, the job is best done when there’s enough space to maneuver, plus you can never rule out the chances of breakage for fragile items. This is why many homeowners rent temporary storage for their belongings during a paint job.

Thanks to the recent internet advancements, locating the right storage unit for your needs is not rocket science these days, even in areas like San Antonio where the demand for storage units is above the roof. Typing the words “storage facility in San Antonio” in a self-storage finder tool can be a great place to start.

Other ways to put belongings out of harm’s way include:

  • Sealing everything up with polythene (if you have enough space)
  • Moving some items to your garage or a friend’s place
  • Selling or donating unwanted stuff

2. Conduct the Necessary Repairs 

Certain repairs may be necessary before painting any surface in your home. The needed repairs may vary from one situation to the other, but it mostly revolves around proper surface preparation before painting.

A few probable repairs to check out for include wall cracks, peeling paint, stains, rot, rough surfaces, and rust, just to name a few. Before you apply the first lick, at the very least, don’t forget to:

  • Check your walls to see if there are any chips, scratches, peeling paint, or uneven surfaces
  • Clean and wipe the surfaces inside your home
  • Clean all mold and mildew spots on walls

In some cases, you may need to repair the wall edges (including when dealing with large doors, windows, or walls) to help prevent paint from getting in the cracks and crevices.

3. Decide on the Colors And Finish Needed 

No matter if you decide to hire professional painters or do it yourself, one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is whether you need to bring in neutral colors or use darker shades. Your choices of color when painting your home will depend largely on the preexisting style as well as your needs.

For instance, an updated bathroom that needs to be painted white, or an oak-look kitchen that also needs a warm oak finish can be greatly modified by the use of darker colors and lacquer finishes. Many homeowners are also opting for a neutral-colored bedroom that can be updated as often as needed.

The main idea is to pick a design and finish that resonates well with your tastes and preferences while blending with the rest of your décor!

4. Consider Your Budget 

As with any other remodeling project, painting a house can cost a significant amount of money. Your budget will depend on various factors, including the kind of paint to be used and the amount needed, the materials needed, and what you spend on repairs if any are required.

It will also depend on whether you choose to paint your home DIY or hire a professional painter, but one thing holds true. You might have to set more cash aside if you want the best results because the best paints are often more expensive.

Painting allows you to give your home a new lease of life. Whether you’re staging it for a sale or simply need a cozier living space, the above few tips can help you prepare your home for what will be a satisfactory paint job! 

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