5 Indicators You Could Want a New AC Unit

The summers in Texas, Houston are hot and humid, and without an AC unit, it can get quite uncomfortable!

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If you have an AC unit and experience problems with it, you might need to change or repair it by calling in the professionals. But, if you want to adjust your budget beforehand and see if you need a new air conditioner in Houston, instead of repairing it, here are the five most telling signs your AC unit needs replacement. 

Rising Electricity Bills

Most air conditioners are responsible for around 46% of your average household energy consumption. It becomes less effective as an AC gets older and may require more energy to function. 

You may think that a simple fix is all there is to it, but unfortunately, it won’t solve your problems. Rising electricity bills are a direct sign that you need to replace your AC unit. Opt for newer and more efficient models, and remember those old AC units will cause more and more problems as they get old. Replacing them is the best thing that you can do.

Costly and Frequent Repairs

Old AC units are prone to frequent breakdowns and repairs. These repairs can be costly, and labor hours are also increasing. If you had to call in an HVAC technician to repair your AC unit often in a couple of months, this isn’t a good sign.

Take a look at a new AC unit, and check its price. If the cost of these repairs is around 20% of the cost of a new AC unit, you should replace it right away. Also, consider the frequency of these repairs, and don’t hire cheap HVAC technicians. 

Strange or Loud Noises Coming From AC

You should be accustomed to the noises of your AC unit. Buzzing, clicking, banging, or clanking sounds are all indicators that you need a new AC unit. When the AC makes strange or loud noises, it can indicate a serious issue. 

For example, constant clicking is a sign of electrical problems. If the AC’s motor is faulty, you need to replace the entire system. Broken parts cause banging sounds, and, in some cases, they can be repaired. 

However, a regular buzzing sound coming from your AC can indicate a dozen issues. Clanking sounds usually predict multiple component failures. It would be best if you stopped your AC right away because it will become more damaged. Call in an HVAC technician to assess the damage.

AC Is 10 Years Old or Older

AC units typically last for about ten years or more. However, don’t feel great if your AC unit is more than ten years old. It can break at any given point in time. With this in mind, you should consider replacing your old AC with some of the newer and more economical models. 

Your old AC unit will make you spend a lot of money if you continue to use it. Apart from inefficiently cooling your home, old AC units require regular repairs that can get costly. As mentioned above, they will also raise your electricity bills as they struggle to function. If you purchase a new AC unit, don’t forget to perform regular yearly maintenance to prolong its lifespan and avoid costly mistakes. 

AC Unit Doesn’t Cool Home.

If your AC unit is blowing warm air or struggling to cool your home, it’s another sign that needs to be replaced. Check for clogs, the thermostat, and if the motor is working correctly. If all these things are fine, but your AC is still blowing warm air, you will need to replace it. If you opt for repairs, they won’t last long, unfortunately. 

Final Words

No matter how tied you may be to your old AC unit, it might be time to let it go. Today, there are so many models you can choose from, with various features and advantages. It’s time to make way for the new, more efficient, and more economic AC models. Browse the market or consult with an HVAC professional and see what offer might suit you best. If you take good care of your AC unit, it will provide cool air for years to come.

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