Making a Memorial Backyard: 5 Tricks to Know Earlier than You Start

Creating a memorial garden is a beautiful way to heal. 

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Everyone in their lifetime has experienced loss. Losing your loved ones may take time before you heal, especially if you were too close. During this time, people visit and bring you condolence gifts; however, the best way to remember them is by creating a memorial garden to honor them.

Creating a memorable garden is a symbol of being connected to your loved ones and creates a perfect environment to grieve and recover. This post will look at the tips to know before creating a memorial garden.

1. Consider your Space

The first thing you should look at before you begin to plan how your memorial garden will look like you need to consider the place. The best place to put your memorial garden is a secluded and quiet, and private area.

Selecting a covered place or away from roads is the safest option. Choosing a sunlight place is another good idea since it will help the plants you plant in memory thrive.

2. Plan on the Plants

If there are any plants or flowers your loved ones like, that’s the best to plant. However, if there are no, you can look for ones of your choice that are gorgeous and good enough to attract butterflies and bees.

It is also good to look for flowers with good symbols such as growth, hope, and transcendence. Because the performance of planting the plants and letting them thrive takes time, it’s a symbol of the healing procedure and how mourning is a journey; the results will be great and strong.

3. Seating Area

Creating a memorial garden for your loved ones will assist you in the healing process as you remember your good memories with them. It would be good to include a sitting area where you can sit as you remember your loved ones. If trees enclose your memorial garden, a wooden bench having an inscription or stone benches will bring a lovely touch.

4. Decorations

Decorations give the memorial garden the final touch which completes the area. Adding small memorial statues like ornaments and wind chimes is a way of bringing joy to the area. Symbolic things such as birds and angels are a nice way of assisting one to remember what their loved ones contributed to their lives what they need at the end of the healing process.

5. Water

The trickling sound of water is a natural soother. Adding a fountain or pond to the memorial garden is good since it will make the area more tranquil. Having a water pond will attract different types of birds, and when they are around the garden, they bring beauty and a bit of life.

Since you will be vising the memorial garden when you want to think and reflect on the life you shared with your loved ones, making the place uplifting will assist you to feel more contented and comfortable.


Death can occur anytime, and the best way to mourn, remember and honor our loved ones is by creating a memorial garden for them. By visiting this garden, you will be able to remember the good times you shared with your loved ones. 

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