How Do Agricultural HVLS Followers Work?

Have you ever heard about HVLS agricultural fans? Here’s what’s so great about them!

The high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan is a popular option for many agricultural settings. The geared motor and forged hub of these fans allow for large air movements. When used improperly, they can cause serious injury. Whether for commercial or agricultural use, these fans are a reliable source of ventilation for your facility. For more information on how HVLS fans work, contact an expert at Miner, Corp.

Reduce Heat Stress

  • Agricultural HVLS fans by Refresh Fans Inc. are a popular solution to reduce heat stress in livestock. We all know how uncomfortable it is when we are too hot or cold, but livestock are unable to escape from the heat. The GX HVLS fan is one of the most efficient and reliable solutions available for this problem. The high-performance blades and quiet operation make it a smart choice for agricultural buildings. This solution is also perfect for livestock barns and stables.
  • In the agricultural industry, the GX HVLS fan helps to reduce heat stress in animals. We all know what it’s like to be too hot or too cold. Nevertheless, livestock can’t move to avoid heat stress. Therefore, a HVLS fan is a must-have for any dairy business. It is an efficient way to improve the comfort level of workers and animals. Using a GX HVLS fan to reduce heat, noise, and moisture is vital for preventing illnesses and protecting the health of farm workers.
  • The GX high-volume low-speed industrial fan is ideal for agricultural settings. These fans reduce air stratification and mix the air more effectively. They are also energy efficient. Besides, these fans are extremely easy to install and maintain. These agricultural ceiling fans also reduce energy costs and heat-related discomfort. If you’re interested in learning how agricultural HVLS fans work, contact a trusted professional at Refresh Fans Inc.
  • Agricultural HVLS fans help reduce heat stress in animals by distributing heat across a vertical surface. For example, a 24-foot-diameter fan can produce a 108-inch-deep floor jet and encompass people on the ground. Small high-speed fans cannot produce the same effect. The HVLS fan is designed for agricultural settings and is still widely used in the field for cooling livestock.
  • Agricultural HVLS fans are a good investment for livestock farms. They are effective at reducing heat stress. A HVLS fan is an efficient and affordable option for many agriculture businesses. The benefits are clear. The technology allows farmers to save energy and maintain stable temperatures. It also offers a variety of other benefits. Unlike high-speed, high-volume fans, the HVLS fan is very quiet.
  • An HVLS fan is a highly efficient agricultural HVAC system. It is also a highly efficient solution for cooling livestock. The use of these HVLS fans can help to reduce energy costs and increase comfort levels in large agricultural facilities. They also run much quieter than conventional high-speed fans. These systems can replace up to 20 floor or wall mounted units. They reduce energy bills and improve indoor air quality in a farming facility.
  • Agricultural HVLS fans are an effective solution to heat stress. These massive fans reduce heat stress in livestock. We all know what it feels like to be too hot, but animals do not have the luxury of escaping. The agricultural HVLS fan helps alleviate this problem. If you have a farm, you can purchase an inexpensive one that is specifically designed for this application. You can find a wide variety of sizes and styles of this agricultural ceiling fan.
  • A HVLS fan can reduce heat stress in livestock. If you have ever been in a cowshed or a dairy barn, you may have experienced the discomfort of being too hot. But an HVLS fan can help keep temperatures uniform for your animals. The noise of an old high-speed fan will disturb your animals. A steady stream of air can disturb their health. But a GX HVLS fan is a more effective solution that is environmentally friendly.

The Bottom Line

The agricultural HVLS fan works by creating an evaporative cooling effect. The air movement causes small amounts of water to evaporate. The water vapor in the air becomes heat. This effect helps keep the temperature of the room comfortable. This cooling effect will also decrease the humidity level in the air. This reduces the heat generated by the agriculture facility. So, the HVAC system in the building can be environmentally friendly while also reducing operating costs. Aside from being environmentally friendly, the HVLS fan can help you save energy during winter months.

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