Prime 5 Indicators It Is Time To Substitute Your AC

Over the years, it is expected for items in our home to experience a little wear and tear. This is true for everything we regularly use, including our AC units!

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Whether you have a central AC system or a window AC, there is likely going to come a time when you will need to call in an engineer. All forms of AC should be assessed at least once a year to make sure they are working safely and efficiently, but issues can arise outside of this.

After a while, it may be time to call it quits on your trusty AC system, as repairs will no longer cut it. Getting a new AC unit installed sounds like a stressful and expensive experience, but with the right team on your side, it does not have to be.

In this guide, we are going to be sharing the top five signs that it is time to replace your AC so you can keep your home cool and comfortable without compromising on safety.

Why Should I Replace My AC?

If you have been working with a broken AC unit for some time, then you may not be willing to get it replaced, or you may not think this is necessary.

It sounds like an expensive and somewhat stressful experience to replace your air conditioning, but this does not always have to be the case, and in many ways, it is better to bite the bullet than leave things too long.

However, it can be dangerous to keep a broken AC unit running even if it seems to be working well enough for your needs. Chances are, there will be a bigger issue on the horizon if you do not get your AC replaced as and when recommended by an engineer.

Many people also fail to book their annual tune-up for their AC, meaning issues that could have been resolved are left to get worse. 

We understand that it can be hard to keep up with the maintenance of your home, and as the AC may be unused for months at a time, it is easy to forget.

As we move into the hotter months of the year, it is a good idea to ensure that your AC is working correctly and see that it gets replaced when needed. With the right engineers by your side, this does not have to break the bank, and it is a task that can be completed in a matter of days, depending on what you are working with.

Running a broken AC unit can be dangerous and expensive, meaning it can be more bothersome to keep using it instead of getting the system replaced when needed.

You can check out air conditioner replacements in Calabasas, CA, to see what services are available and book an engineer today.

5 Signs Your AC Needs To Be Replaced

Some repairs can be resolved easily, and for most people, this is what happens when they call out an engineer for their AC. However, over time and with multiple repairs, some AC units can not be saved, in which case it is better to replace them.

Every AC unit has a different life span, depending on the kind you have and how often it is used. This is why homeowners have a responsibility to keep track of their home appliances to make sure they continue working as intended. Any sign of damage should be addressed as soon as possible.

With this being said, you can expect at least 15 to 20 years of good use out of a central AC system. If your AC is older than two decades, it is time to replace the system with something that will meet your modern needs. 

To keep on top of your AC needs, as well as being able to ensure that your home is cool and comfortable when you need it to be, you need to check your AC regularly to make sure it works as intended. A professional inspection is required at least once a year for all systems, but there is work you can do in the meantime to keep track.

When maintaining your AC, look out for the following signs as these indicate that it is time to replace the whole system for the benefit of your home, safety, and energy bills:

1. Lack of Cool Air

A clear sign that your AC is broken is when there is no cool air coming from it. 

If you turn on the AC yet find that no cool air comes out, then it is time to call in an engineer. This is usually a sign of restricted airflow, and while it can be repaired in some cases, more often than not, it is time to replace the AC unit altogether.

Restricted airflow within your AC could be a sign of obstacles in the ventilation or funnels, which is not something that can be repaired alone. Regular maintenance of your AC unit can prevent such issues, but over time this is more than likely going to be an indication that you need to replace your system. 

2. Build Up of Moisture

A good, working AC unit will have some build-up of moisture, but this becomes an issue when it is noticeable. The only reason you will notice dampness or moisture building up around your AC is if there is something wrong with the framework.

If nothing has been spilled around the AC unit, then dampness is most likely a sign that something is wrong with the refrigerant inside, and the framework is not holding it well enough. This is a serious health hazard and one that needs to be resolved quickly to prevent further issues.

As your framework is no longer up to scratch, in most cases, it is easier – and cheaper – to replace the AC instead of repairing it. The longer dampness is left unattended, the more of an issue it can become, so make sure to call local engineers as soon as you notice it.

3. High Energy Bills

If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills after running your AC, then it is time to get the system replaced.

Over time, your AC will not be able to run as efficiently due to standard wear and tear, which means you will have to make it work harder for half the results as you are used to. You will be paying more to run the AC without having your home any cooler, which is a disaster to experience so close to summer and annoying any other time of the year. 

When it becomes noticeably more expensive to run your AC, you should schedule the engineers as it could be time to replace the whole system. Replacing your AC can be cheaper and will offer better benefits in the long run than running an old, expensive unit anymore.

4. Foul Smells From AC

If you experience foul smells when running your AC, then it is time to call an engineer, as this is a clear sign that something is not working properly.

A normal, working AC unit should not cause any changes to the smell of the air in your home. Your home should smell and feel clean when running the AC, so anything other than this is an indication of bigger issues. 

With filters and funnels throughout the home, you may find that there is a strange smell that becomes more noticeable when you run the AC. This could be a sign of many issues, such as obstacles in the funnels or a broken filter, and in most cases, it is easier to replace the unit.

5. Loud, Strange Sounds

Much like the change in smell when running your AC, any change in sound is usually an indication that something has gone wrong within the system.

A normal, working AC unit will not make any sounds when running. There may be some noise as it kicks into gear, but nothing that will disturb the peace of the home, so when this changes, it is time to see a professional.

Sounds like crushing or squeaking are clear indicators that something has broken inside the AC unit, and you should turn it off immediately to prevent further hazards. In some cases, the interior may be repaired, but loud noises from the AC are usually a sign that it needs to be replaced completely.

How Many Repairs Are Too Many?

As well as the signs above, there is another indicator of when you need to replace your AC.

If you have several repairs in a short space of time, such as over one to two years, then it is likely that your AC needs to be replaced. After a certain amount of repairs, all you are doing is simply putting a band-aid over the larger issues, which are only going to result in more repair fees, along with other costs.

There should come a point when your AC engineer will no longer repair your unit as it will not help. This is when they will recommend local air conditioning replacements, but sadly not all professionals can be trusted.

Keep track of the issues you have experienced recently with your AC unit, and make sure you are not paying out of pocket for something that cannot be resolved.

While AC repairs may be covered on your home insurance, so you do not notice the individual payments for every call out, it is likely to be more cost-effective to simply replace your AC instead of continuing down this path. Not only is replacing your broken AC cheaper, but it will also be safer for your home, so it should not be ignored as an option.

You can speak to local engineers about your needs and budget so they can help you find the best air conditioner replacement for your needs.

Why Replacing Is Sometimes Better Than Repairing

While AC units have a general life expectancy of around two decades, newer models are being added to the market every year. This means that there is going to be a better option available for you, no matter what kind of unit you are working with currently.

All modern air conditioning systems are designed to be more efficient than their previous counterparts, with most using an average of 30% and 50% less energy than those made in the mid-1970s. With such high-efficiency levels, it is often cheaper to replace air conditioning than to continue to repair it.

Not only is it cheaper to buy a new AC unit and have it fitted, but it will also be cheaper to run, meaning a new air conditioner will continue to help you save money.

Modern units are also going to be easier to repair than older models, as there will be greater access to the tools and parts needed. This means that should your new AC system come into issues in the future. It will be easier and cheaper to get resolved than working with your old model.

Depending on the kind of home you live in, and how much you use your AC, there are several options of air conditioning to consider. You can speak with local engineers regarding your options, and they will help you find the best fit for you, based on your home and budget.

Schedule A Replacement Today

If you have been dealing with a loud, smelly, or expensive air conditioner, then it is time to schedule a replacement. 

A local engineer will be able to offer a complete inspection of your AC unit, highlighting any issues and helping you find the best solution for your needs. No matter your budget, there is going to be an AC unit out there that can keep your home cool and comfortable when needed. 

Homeowners have a responsibility to keep their homes and their families safe, so make sure to schedule your annual AC inspection so issues can be resolved on time.

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