Widespread HVAC Points That Require Restore

Is your HVAC breaking down? Here are some common HVAC issues that need repairing!

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Heating and cooling systems are not everyday appliances that all homeowners are versed with. As a result, most people feel helpless when their systems experience even the slightest problem. Fortunately, both small issues and major problems have solutions. Below are common HVAC problems that require professional air conditioner repair services.

1. Poor or Restricted Airflow

Most homeowners complain of poor or inadequate ventilation from their HVAC systems. Poor ventilation due to restricted airflow into your heating and cooling systems occurs for several reasons, but most occur due to clogged air filters.

Air filters of HVAC systems are designed to trap or collect air pollutants and dust particles from the unit. However, once the filter becomes overloaded due to poor maintenance, they significantly limit the amount of air passing through, leading to reduced airflow. Cleaning and switching air filters routinely are the best ways to solve this problem.

If the airflow doesn’t improve even after changing the filter, the issue could be a problem in the units’ internal components. For instance, if evaporator coils receive insufficient ventilation, they freeze and don’t function optimally. If the problem persists, the entire unit is affected. Replacing air filters and defrosting evaporator coils can solve this problem.

2. Water Damage Due to Leaking Ducts

In most situations, heating and cooling Indianapolis maintenance experts are called to repair overflowing HVAC ducts and drain pans. Drain pans are ideally designed to drain surplus water. However, they can easily be overwhelmed by rising humidity levels, mainly caused by melting ice from the frozen components of the unit.

If your HVAC unit isn’t running or inactive, ice melts and starts flowing through the unit. If this continues for some time, overflowing water starts affecting the ceiling and surrounding walls. Before signs of water damage become evident externally, the situation will be already beyond control.

The best way to avoid this problem is conducting routine maintenance checks, probably monthly, on these systems. Call the maintenance team immediately if you notice excess water or disconnected ducts on the system.

3. The Heat Pump Doesn’t Stop Running

Even though extreme weather conditions may force the heat pump to run continuously, this might indicate a problem if the conditions outside are mild. Heat pumps are generally repaired by eliminating external influences, mostly ice or insulating outdoor units. However, you may need professional interventions to resolve this issue in some situations.

Old HVAC units with continuously running heat pumps may be a simple case of cleaning and maintaining the heat pump for optimal performance. You should also suspect that the system is losing heat through poorly fixed or oversized ducts. Incorrectly installed ducts will force the heat pump to run continuously to achieve the desired temperatures. You should seal any visible gaps or replace the heat pump to solve this issue.


Most HVAC problems are simple issues that can be solved with ease. However, this might prove challenging for homeowners who don’t understand basic HVAC maintenance tips. If your system doesn’t perform optimally like before, you should consider investigating further before opting for replacement.


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