Artistic Methods to Have an Open Home

While it may seem like a tedious and overwhelming task, you can make it fun and memorable by following some tips below.

1. Make Plans in Advance

It is always a good idea to make prior arrangements concerning your open house party and any other event. Start by approximating the number of guests you expect to attend the party and make plans to cater to all these guests.

You can print out invitation cards and send them to those you would like to be present for the party. Additionally, you can print out a poster and put it near your new home to notify those near your home to attend the party.

During this stage, you will also make a list of all the necessary items, including food, drinks, tissue paper, towels, flowers, and any other items needed to make the party more enjoyable. Create a list of all the activities that will take place at your home and assign each task to a specific member of your family or friends.

2. Prepare the Food and Drinks

Since you will be expecting several guests, you need to get an array of edibles and drinks such as Red Blend wine, beer, juice, and water from different brands because the different guests have varying tastes and preferences.

Some drinks should be put in a freezer or fridge several hours before the party begins to keep them ice cold. Although there will likely be many guests, you should not be tempted to provide a vast menu for the available dishes.

Choose less than six servings, but make sure that you have an option for the different guests, including vegetarians vegans. Some of the great choices for open house-party dishes include goat cheese, hot dips, spinach, and other delicacies.

3. Clear the Needed Space

Even if your new home is spacious, you may be required to clear some more space to accommodate as many guests as expected. Move some furniture from the living room and guest room and put them in a room not used often. You can decide to use one of the unused rooms as a bar or wine cellar to keep the beverages and alcoholic drinks during the party.

It is not likely that the guests will need to sit down since this is a party and not a meeting. You can push the furniture close to the walls to create more space for the guests to move freely and possibly dance along to a song.

Instead of getting new items that will hold the food and beverages, you can use some of the furniture as surfaces to place these items, which will help maximize the available space.

4. Decorate Your Home

Your home needs to be decorated to reflect the particular event you are celebrating. An open house party should reflect joy, accomplishment, harmony, and create a fun environment. Choose suitable colors to make these impressions and ensure that the guests get a good impression of your new home.

Buy some flowers and place them strategically throughout the house to maintain a uniform environment across the house. You can choose to buy some candles and station them throughout the house to add to the fun environment.

5. Consider Preparing a Buffet

With so many people coming and going at any given time, it may be difficult to assign just one person to serve all the guests. You can make it easier by preparing a buffet consisting of all the servings placed on a spacious table.

Put the plates and spoons on the table and indicate the contents of each container, especially if the containers have a lid. This way, the guests will know the type of food inside each container and serve themselves with whatever they are interested in.

An open house will take a little bit of planning, but it will be worth it in the end. Your guests will be able to see and enjoy your new home as you celebrate with them and create new memories.

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