6 Ideas For Cleansing Your Home In The Summer time

Keep bacteria in your home at bay with these summer cleaning tips!

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During summer, viruses and bacteria are more active due to rising temperatures. More so, pathogens and germs spread and thrive in hot climate conditions. Since health issues arise from these organisms, homeowners must protect their families at home.    

Germs can affect the immune system, causing humans to get sick. Fortunately, homeowners can prevent allergies and respiratory problems by regularly maintaining the cleanliness of their homes. In turn, their young children can safely pick up any toy on the floor without getting residue from it.  

In this article, you’ll learn six surefire strategies that will help you implement a clean home during the summer. 

Choose Safe Cleaning Products  

Home cleaning products are vital components in implementing the cleanliness of a house. These tools effectively remove germs, soil, and various contaminants. As a result, homeowners can prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control dust, which helps their family members stay healthy.  

Most over-the-counter household cleaning products include harmful chemicals. Using these tools leaves behind residues that might come in contact with human skin and the food you prepare. Thus, you must consider the House Cleaning products you’ll use this summer.  

 Using eco-friendly cleaning products allows your house to be free from harmful fumes that might be dangerous for your family and visitors. These agents offer natural alternatives like glycerine that has the same cleaning power to eliminate grease. More so, these products will handle the same cleaning tasks without harming your health while ensuring the softness of your skin.  

Declutter The Fridge  

Dirty refrigerators may act as a breeding area for harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria. However, homeowners tend to pile up weekly groceries without decluttering the ones they stored several weeks ago. As they continue to underestimate the importance of a clean fridge, this area might contaminate their food and make them sick during the summer season.  

Your refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your home, which deserves regular maintenance. Keeping it clean helps prevent the breeding of bacteria that may cause diseases like food poisoning. That said, you must put all its items and food products inside a cooler as you remove the fridge drawers.  

You must wipe the empty refrigerators with soapy water and use clean water to rinse off the soap. Then, wipe inside the doors and every non-removable drawer to remove excess dirt. Finally, spill a tablespoon of liquid bleach on one gallon of water to sanitize the fridge.  

Transform Your Patio  

Every homeowner wants to spend time with their relatives and friends inside a beautiful place during the summer. With that, transforming the patio will help you turn your home into an appealing space where visitors can relax. Additionally, you won’t have to spend thousands to seek solace elsewhere since you have your private home.  

Initially, you have to declutter the patio by eliminating lichen and moss using a quick spray of a water mixture. This method will kill and dry out the bacteria that might give your visitors infectious diseases. Moreover, doing so leaves you with the easier task of raking the area, which will enable you to enjoy your outdoor space this summer.  

Detect Leaks  

You’ll have to use the hose and outdoor faucets more often during summer. For instance, you might plan on having outdoor activities with your children, which might need a water supply. Without checking leaks daily, this scenario will cause you higher fees once the water bill arrives by the end of the month. Unseen leaks might promote mold growth that could put your family and visitors at risk for serious health issues. More so, these factors might cause interior water damage that will compromise the structure of your house throughout the year. Thus, take some time to inspect the hose and faucets so you can quickly fix them with waterproof tape.    

Ensure The Air Conditioner Filter Is Dust-Free    

Dusty air filters decrease airflow within the conditioning system, which reduces its performance. Since the system has to work harder, it can affect energy efficiency. In turn, clogs during the summer season may cause the cooling coil to freeze and increase utility bills. For thorough cleaning, fill a sink with water and vinegar. Then, allow the air conditioning filter to soak in the solution for 60 minutes. Lastly, rinse the mixture with clean water and dry it before returning it to the AC unit.  

Repel Insects   

Ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, spiders, rats, and bed bugs are the most common unwanted guests that come out during summer. As they roam around the house, they might cause damage to your belongings. More so, they can spread diseases to your family members and visitors.  

There are effective repellents and sprays to keep insects away. However, the exposure of these insecticides to the skin can cause hypersensitivity and allergies. Fortunately, you may use natural pest-controlling methods to ensure an insect-free home this summer.   

You may place bay leaves at every corner of your house so you can naturally repel cockroaches. For ants, you can put mint leaves bags in various ant-traffic areas to control them. For mosquitos, you may consider planting plants like lemon balm, rosemary, and catnip.    

Key Takeaway  

During summer, you have to get rid of insects and dust to ensure the cleanliness of your house. As you follow these six helpful strategies, you won’t have to seek relaxation with your family and friends elsewhere. More so, you’ll prevent your relatives and peers from catching diseases while they’re inside your home.

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