The best way to assemble IKEA furnishings sooner

Tired of assembling IKEA furniture? This is how you assemble your furniture quickly!

Photos by: Pexels

IKEA furniture is known to end marriages and friendships around the world. Nothing is as frustrating as assembling an IKEA flat pack. Maybe someone read the instructions incorrectly, or you discover that a key component is missing. IKEA flatpacks generate a lot of stress, anger and total anger. However, IKEA furniture is also affordable, stylish, and accessible. You can buy it in the store, assemble it at home, and you're done. Simple. Besides, there is no greater joy than finally assembling a piece of flatpack furniture. Follow this quick guide to assemble IKEA furniture like a chef.

Read the instructions first

Before you start building, read the instructions. Make sure you've put all of the pieces on and look out for anything that's missing. You can identify a missing component before it's too late. You can contact IKEA customer service with your name, address and phone number. Once they have received your request, they should send you the missing part free of charge. Read the instructions from start to finish. You need to know how the furniture fits together as a whole. As you flick through, watch out for keywords and pay attention to the pictures.

Gather your tools

Find the tools included in the IKEA flat pack to assemble the furniture. Usually, IKEA furniture can be assembled using a small Allen key. If you plan on building the piece yourself, you may need more specialized equipment. Consider investing in your own power tools to make building a little easier or to add some personal touch. You can even combine two pieces of furniture to create your very own design. You will need a tool box to keep all of your new tools safe.

Use glue

IKEA furniture often uses wall plugs, and you can use a hammer to hold them in place. IKEA furniture is known for its affordability – not its durability. Use strong wood glue to secure the joinery between the pieces and make the furniture last longer.

Don't damage it

We all made it. You are desperately trying to put the two pieces together and the instructions for the flat pack don't help. Finally, you scratch and scrape the components to make them fit together – and assemble a piece of furniture that looks like the picture on the box. When you reach the boiling point, step away from the flat pack and try again later. There is no point in damaging your furniture because you are angry and irritated. Don't let the flat pack win. Fill your home with IKEA furniture and create a stylish space on a budget.

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