AgUnity brings actual impression within the shopper's palm

Ethiopian farmers using agunity smartphones. Farmers like this one will benefit from AgriUT tokens.

AgUnity recently founded an independent not-for-profit to complement its smallholder smartphone platform called the AgriUT Foundation.

AgUnity founder and CEO David Davies. "width =" 300 "height =" 200 "data-srcset =" 19-04-12-Pic-4-300x200.jpg 300w, -04-12-Pic-4-1024x681.jpg 1024w, 04-12-Pic-4-768x511.jpg 768w, -12-Pic-4-1536x1022.jpg 1536w, 12-Pic-4-696x463.jpg 696w, -Pic-4-1068x711.jpg 1068w, Bild-4-1920x1278.jpg 1920w, https: // ret ailworld 631w, https: // retailworldmagazine / wp-content / uploads / 2021/09 / GROW-2019-David-Speaking-at-the-event-19-04-12-Pic-4.jpg 2000w "data-sizes =" (max - Width: 300px) 100vw, 300pxAgUnity founder and CEO David Davies.

AgUnity is a global technology platform designed to support remote farmers through blockchain technology.

The AgriUT Foundation grew out of AgUnity's goal to support the 2.6 billion people who work the last mile of the production cycle by providing consumers with the opportunity to reward smallholder farmers directly.

AgriUT will connect millions of international consumers to remote farming communities through a token reward system.

Did you know that research by the World Economic Forum shows that 2.3 million cups of coffee are consumed every minute worldwide? Although coffee is a multi-billion dollar industry that makes 125 million people a living, only $ 0.07 of every cup sold goes to the farmer.

AgUnity Founder and CEO David Davies stated, “These farmers and farm workers are isolated from market opportunities, essential infrastructure and utilities, all of which are fundamental to generating adequate income and receiving fair compensation. This is where the AgriUT token reward system comes into play. "

How it works

The AgriUT Foundation's token system is used by consumers to reward farmers and producers through blockchain technology.

"The blockchain-powered reward token is designed for consumers interested in product origins and social development programs, and connects consumers with brands that manufacture ethically related goods," says Davies.

Another benefit, Davies says, is that it also empowers brands that want to "do the right thing" by committing to better income for the farmer while consciously engaging with their consumers.

The AgriUT token provides consumers with a safe, ethical and responsible way to connect with remote farmers, while also giving consumers confidence that the products they are buying are of real ethical or sustainable origin.

Depending on the current local regulations, smallholders can redeem AgriUT tokens for agricultural supplies and products in the AgUnity ecosystem. With the expansion of the ecosystem and depending on local regulations on the use of tokens, farmers can use the tokens for education, health and infrastructure.

Support for Conscious Consumers

Mr Davies says AgUnity is excited to launch the new AgriUT token through the AgriUT Foundation.

“This token will allow consumers to show appreciation to the farmers who produce their popular products,” he says.

"We know that there has been growing interest in product origins and improving the situation for smallholders around the world in a safe and ethical way to reward them."

According to Paget Hargreaves, CEO of the AgriUT Foundation, consumers in developed countries are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges smallholder farmers face.

“As the movement to buy ethical and responsible goods continues to grow, AgriUT builds trust and puts the rewards of farmers in the hands of the consumer,” he says.

"By using modern and advanced technology, we have created a bridge between farmers and consumers to improve income opportunities for remote communities."

The AgriUT Foundation is run by a board that is independent of AgUnity.

About the AgriUT Foundation

The AgriUT Foundation is the independent non-profit organization originally founded by AgUnity. AgUnity is the global fintech innovator who developed a blockchain-based solution for the world's 2 billion last mile farmers. AgriUT's mission is to create a globally scalable, distributed and incentive-driven system that connects millions of international consumers through direct interactions with remote farming communities. The AgriUT Foundation has developed a digital token that puts the farmers' rewards in the hands of the consumer.

More information is available at

About AgUnity

AgUnity is a global technology platform enabling thousands of organizations working towards the United Nations SDGs to connect the last mile. AgUnity addresses issues of poor connectivity, lack of digital literacy, and lack of trust in developing countries by creating a smartphone and blockchain-based solution for the world's 2 billion last mile farmers. AgUnity's simple mobile product enables collaborations and connects smallholders with the services they need.

More information is available at

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