10 tricks to hold your air conditioner in good situation

Maintaining your air conditioner is one of the most important things you can do this summer. Here are some tips!

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Air conditioning (AC) deserves special care and attention as it is responsible for keeping your home comfortable all year round. It's one of the hardest working systems in your home! Regular care and maintenance are required to ensure that the air conditioner works efficiently at all times. Long-term use and aging will unfortunately put a lot of strain on them. If you want your AC device to perform at its best, here are some tips to keep it in good condition for several years:

1. Find the correct size device

The right air conditioner depends on how many cubic meters of space it needs for cooling. It is therefore a crucial factor when choosing a new AC unit. If a device is designed for a small area, cooling the air in large rooms is likely to be taxing. As a result, it wears out quickly and works harder to meet the thermostat's requirements. Deciding to buy a small or large air conditioner can be a challenge for some homeowners, but finding the right one is crucial. If you are considering purchasing a packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) to save operating costs and improve energy efficiency, visit websites like https://www.ptacinc.com/new-ptac-units-for-sale would help a lot.

2. Cover the windows with curtains or blinds

If you want your air conditioner to work at its best, one of the easiest ways to efficiently cool your home is to use window treatments like curtains or blinds to block out the sun. When the sun comes up, it adds warmth to your home and forces your air conditioner to work harder. Close the curtains and blinds in the morning and open them later for the best cooling.

3. Clean the filters regularly

One way to ensure that your air conditioner works at its best is to Clean the filters regularly. It is best to clean the filters every two weeks or at least once a month. Switch off the device before removing the filters. When cleaning, you can either vacuum them or wash them in soapy water. Once the filters are completely dry, put them back in and turn on your device.

4. Examine the ventilation openings for obstruction

Increase efficiency by making sure the vents are free from clogging with debris. As part of regular maintenance, check the air vents in your home, usually on the floor or ceiling. Clean up dirt in the interior vents. Keep in mind that this task is essential in order to maintain a steady flow of air through the system. Even if you vacuum and vacuum regularly, furniture, toys, carpets, or even blinds can clog the vents.

5. Clean the coils

One of the crucial elements to prioritize in maintenance is the coils. Both the evaporator coil and the condenser coil on your air conditioner can end up with dirt and debris over the years. The presence of dirt can reduce airflow and cause the coil to become insulated, significantly reducing its ability to absorb heat. These issues can make the cooling system inefficient in the long run, and as a result, you will face a skyrocketing utility bill.

6. Examine the fins

Do not forget to take care of the outdoor unit regularly during your routine maintenance. Check the slats for debris and debris. You can remove the outer cover from the device and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt or debris. Use a garden hose to remove any residue. Once the fins are clear of debris or debris, carefully inspect for any sections with bent fins as these can obstruct airflow. Use a fin comb to straighten the fins.

7. Keep the outdoor unit free from dirt and debris

If excessive dirt and debris builds up around the outdoor unit, it can cause problems in summer.

Make it a priority to remove leaves, branches, and other debris from around the device. Cut shrubs and branches to prevent them from blocking air flow to the device. For nearby plants, make sure they are 60 cm from all sides of the outdoor unit to avoid clogging.

8. Install a programmable thermostat

If you want to ensure the efficient operation of your air conditioner, a programmable thermostat will surely come in handy. You can regulate the temperature for different times and automatically lower the temperature when you need it most. In the long run, it will help you save your monthly electricity bill and efficiently control the cooling in your home.

9. Repair any leak

If there are leaks in your home, especially in the attic, under the doors and around windows, this can seriously affect the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The cool air in your home has exit points where it can move outside.

10. Annual review

One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner in good condition is to get a professional to do it. A professional will conduct an inspection and take care of any problem along the way. In general, a maintenance check includes reviewing all of the critical elements to make sure they are all working optimally.


A comfortable home is not possible without an efficient and functional air conditioning system. If you want to keep your home comfortable and cool at all times, make the most of these tips to keep your air conditioner in good condition. If your air conditioner works optimally, it will keep your home cool and comfortable for years to come.

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