Correct upkeep of your window shutters

The use of window shutters is on the rise and in trend. How to look after them!

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They give your house a beautiful appearance and of course not to mention the scorching heat, but with these shutters you can significantly reduce the scorching winds that enter your house. They also have another added benefit and that is the case of natural disasters like a dust storm or a bush fire. Closing your windows with these shutters will prevent dust, smoke, soot and unwanted pollutants from entering your home. These pollutants can be dried leaves and twigs, but also embers and ashes during a bush fire. You also have to maintain and clean them at least every few months to ensure their longevity.

Types of roller shutters and how to clean them

There are mostly window shutters that you can use and build into your windows. It consists of two different fabrics. And of course, their way of cleaning is also different and of course there are some positive and negative aspects.

Wooden shutters

The wooden shutters, also called plantation shutters, are made from wooden planks. They are very resistant to normal wear and tear. While they can be a bit expensive, the others Type of shutter which we will discuss shortly can also help you give your home a nice vintage look.

Cleaning your wooden shutters

You need to clean them more often at least every two weeks. And they're not very useful in rainy areas either. So if there is a lot of rainfall around you, the wooden shutters may not last very long.

  • All you need to clean it is a clean cloth, brush, wood polish, and vacuum cleaner.
  • When cleaning, first wipe off the dust from the roller shutter slats with the clean cloth.
  • And of course you can use the vacuum cleaner on the hard-to-reach edges.
  • After you've cleaned your wooden window shutters, it's time to buff them with a clean cloth and some polish.
  • Remember that after the polish has been applied evenly to all parts, you need to ensure that the closures are closed for at least a few hours so that the polish is fully absorbed.
  • You can do the same process every time and then you'll see your shutters nice and clean.

Vinyl shutters

The vinyl shutters are sometimes more preferred as they are more durable in all weather conditions, as opposed to the wooden shutters, which are most useful in dry, hot areas. Vinyl is cheaper and more weather-resistant, making it a popular choice.

Cleaning your vinyl shutters

The vinyl shutters are made of a special vinyl quality and are also cheaper than the former.

Of course, cleaning is also much easier.

  • All you need is a clean cloth, some washing-up liquid, and water.
  • After wiping off the dust, first soak some detergent in a mug of water and gently apply it all over the place.
  • They allow the cleaning solution to collect all of the dust and then wipe it off with more fresh water.
  • Also, you don't have to clean your vinyl shutters as regularly as wooden ones.
  • Do it every few months and they can easily last a decade or even longer.

Sometimes it is not enough to just clean the shutters every few weeks or months. They require immediate servicing during stormy weather or rainy season, or after a bush fire. Always make sure that there are no dust particles, twigs and branches interfering with the normal functioning of the shutters.

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