TRSA: The view from the hill


The TRSA held its Hill Day on March 25th to conclude its 11th annual legislative conference. According to TRSA, the meetings were a complete success. A total of 96 executives from the linen, uniform and facility services industries attended 110 meetings with members of the congress and key employees. TRSA staff participated in the calls, most of which were via a Zoom video conference.

For readers outside of the United States, The Hill most commonly refers to Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, home of the United States Congress. There is also a respected US political newspaper and website called The Hill.

TRSA member executives met with congressional representatives from 27 states and the Puerto Rico Territory. This year's meetings took place practically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which interrupted face-to-face meetings at the U.S. Capitol.

Managers had three main topics to discuss during the meetings, including:

"I thought TRSA did a great job spelling out exactly what was expected of its members to advance the legislative agenda for the benefit of our industry," said Kelly Johnson, Alsco regional manager in Phoenix. "I would definitely be involved again and look forward to seeing if our efforts lead to a significant change."

As a result of the meetings, TRSA has several action points that need to be followed up with lawmakers on behalf of the industry. For more information on TRSA's Hill Day meetings and industry efforts to advocate the industry, please contact Kevin Schwalb, Vice President, Government Relations at [Email protected].

Virtual Hill Day was part of TRSA's 11th Annual Legislative Conference & Industry Awards Dinner, a two-day in-person and virtual event. Sponsors include Alliant Systems, Kannegiesser ETECH, Jensen USA Inc., Lavatec Laundry Technology and Pellerin Milnor.

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