Suggestions for adorning wooden

Home decor ideas made of wood are suitable for anyone who wants to create a cozy cottage atmosphere in their home. Since wood decor is easy to source and maintain, you can use it to create a trendy and charming interior design. With some antique accents, you will get a beautiful living room that will highlight all your ideas and creations for decorating wood. The best thing about wood decor is that if you are handy you can easily make your decorations for your home. There is no need to carve intricate designs. Build something that compliments the current decor in your living room.

Wood can be used in a variety of ways in the home. It can be hung on the wall to make a bookcase or cut into a nice welcome sign to hang on the front door. In this gallery you will find some fantastic ideas for decorating wood, some of which stand out more than others. The votive candle holders made from narrow tree trunks are particularly fascinating. Another element that will look fantastic in any home is the wall clock, which is made from many different sized woodcuts. While browsing through this gallery, note the other ideas and let us know what you think about the wood decorations.

Room divider made of wood

Large, rough-edged boards cut from tree trunks are used to build this room divider. These boards were cleverly joined together to give the impression that they were cut from a massive tree. The wooden divider is mounted on a roller door frame, similar to a cabinet door, so that it can be pushed around quickly.

Centerpiece with tea lights

This tealight candle holder is made of beautiful driftwood. Light-sized tea holes are drilled into the wood that is laid on its side. Anyone familiar with power tools would find this an easy project. The eye-catching appearance would make it an excellent focal point for any living room.

A wooden table with sacred ends

The basis of this unusual side table is an old hollow tree trunk. There is a light near the bottom of the table to illuminate it and add a pleasant accent to any room. The glass top of the table lets light through and through. This table will be a topic of conversation for you and your guests.

Blackboard in a wooden splice

A log slice was used to render this adorable chalkboard sign. Blackboard paint is used to paint the center of the disc. The pane can easily be hung on the front door with a string. It would be fun to be able to change the message on the blackboard sign at any time.

Wooden logbook bookshelf

An old tree trunk with no bark carries this strange corner shelf. To maximize space, the wood is cut in a diamond shape. Each shelf can hold a large number of heavy books. Every living room or bedroom benefits from a peculiar focal point like the bookshelf.

Tips for decorating wood - bedrooms

High wooden home decor made of wood

This reclaimed wooden mirror is tall and narrow. It is free-standing and leans against a bedroom wall. The rustic wood in the bedroom creates a rural atmosphere. The exposed nail heads give the mirror a rustic look. There are vases with dried plants in front of the mirror.

Wooden vase

This vase is made from a hollow wooden disc with a glass insert to hold the flowers in place. The texture and color of the hollow tree trunk contrasts nicely with the freshness of the flowers. This vase goes with any type of decor, but goes especially well with other rustic wood accents.

The shape of the letters carved in wood

Create wall letters using layered sticks. This is a simple project that can be completed outdoors if you live in an area with a lot of trees. Cut the branches to the correct length and spread them out on a carrier board cut into the shape of the letter you want to create.

Hardwood coasters

These uncomplicated wooden coasters are a nice addition to any coffee table. These coasters are as nifty as normal, with a gorgeous wood stain and polished edges to get rid of rough edges. Allow your visitors to use them and enjoy the pretty colors while protecting your furniture from stains.


These are some of the most creative ideas you can try with wood. They give the interior a different look, but also add a touch of innovation to your space. If you want to discover more ideas, you must read our advice and ideas on We'll help you make the craziest things out of wood and make your interior look glamorous.

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