Paving concepts for an eye catching terrace

Do you want your garden to look great all year round? The perfect terrace can blur the lines between inside and outside and transform your garden into an elegant continuation of your interior. Once installed, patios are durable and require very little maintenance.

Shape and size

When looking for paving slabs for your patio, you can play it safe and only consider identical, square or rectangular slabs. While there is nothing wrong with this particular style, it is worth thinking outside the box and checking out the other options. Creating a sophisticated patio doesn't have to be boring. Curved or diamond plates can create a playful yet elegant design, while using multiple improperly shaped tiles can create a mosaic look.

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Paving stones come in a wide variety of textures so you can perfectly match them with the aesthetics of your property. For a traditional, rustic garden, consider natural stone in dark, neutral tones, and for a modern garden, consider smooth, shiny porcelain slabs for an elegant look. Use free samples to experiment with different textures and find out which look will best suit your garden. Remember, if your yard isn't protected, choose a non-slip surface to minimize the chance of an accident.

Colors and patterns

Before choosing a color, think about the theme of your home and whether to continue it into your garden. If your interior is modern and neat, white panels are perfect to continue the aesthetic. However, mud and dirt are easily noticeable on a white background, so your patio will need to be cleaned quite often to maintain its opulence.

For a more exciting, kid-friendly space, use colorful or patterned panels. Painting old, simple patios is an easy way to brighten up your garden and give the panels a new chance at life.

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Pebbles, pebbles and small stones

Filling stones can be great for decorating the gaps between individual paving stones and lawns. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be used to solve drainage problems. They're quick, easy, and pocket-bought, which makes this a great DIY project.

It's important to make sure the stones are sturdy enough not to fly around every time someone steps on them. This can quickly make your patio look messy. To prevent this from happening, add filler stone to the gaps in the pavers at a slightly lower height than the slabs so that they do not overflow. Smaller slabs should be edged with smaller stones like pea gravel or decomposed granite, while larger slabs with larger gaps should be filled with larger stones like Mexican beach pebbles.


Bring your patio to life by adding lights, plants, and maybe a couple of chairs! By adding lights you can enjoy your beautiful terrace at night. But don't worry – you don't have to supply your garden with electricity. Try solar powered lights. These lights not only charge themselves, but also turn on automatically as soon as it gets dark. So you don't have to worry about switching it on manually.

Adding plants can break up the monotony of any plain-colored patio and add texture and delicacy, creating a more cozy, homely space. Hostas are great for shady patios and look beautiful in pots, containers or planted directly in the ground. Other plants that are good for softening the edges of a patio include lavender, catnip, and pulmonary arias.

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