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Are you thinking of decorating your home with works of art? Here are some painting styles that would really make a statement!

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“The purpose of art is to wash the dust of everyday life from our souls” – Pablo Picasso

Art is the way of life and has been a part of human civilization from the beginning. From the writing and drawing on the cave walls by our ancestors to the constant argument over Banksy's graffiti, art serves as a tool to tell stories across generations. Since the times of our ancestors, art has been the source of inspiration, self-expression, and the message that opens up conversation. But do we all identify art as storytelling or as a self-expressive tool, or does it have a different meaning for each of us? The definition of art is multidisciplinary and cannot be formulated in a specific number of words. But have you ever wondered why we make art in the first place? Well, we are not experts or Van Gogh, but we are curators and this article talks about why artists make art.

Creating art: self-expression or statement?

Perspectives play a very important role in our life and also have a great influence on art. Creating art gives you the power to express your artistic perspective in the world so that people can absorb, interpret and pass it on, or simply differentiate themselves. An artist's ideas, inspirations and perspectives all come from themselves and their inner beliefs. Art promotes freedom, individuality and self-expression that cannot be found on any other medium. Furthermore, no perspective is less when it is produced as art. It has the power to quickly grasp the audience's thoughts and help them find their voice and perspective to arouse their curiosity and curiosity.

Art helps you find yourself

In the midst of the endless hustle and bustle with a constantly lively social life, we somehow got lost in running after virtual targets. And if the new mantra is "constant rush," you'd feel guilty if you just sat idle for 10 minutes. But that's not healthy for your mental wellbeing. Constant hustle and bustle not only carries the risk of burnout, but also forgets to step back or take a break. Art encourages us to rekindle our lost relationship with ourselves. It helps us to know ourselves better. After all, flourishing and experiencing art will help you escape to a place of peace and love. It nourishes our soul and forces you to think about yourself, to accept it and to love you. You can unravel lost stories, memories, words, and people.

Art connects us

Have you ever felt lonely even when around people? Well, you are not alone as most of us find ourselves in the same situation that loneliness hits us. Art has the power to give you a sense of community, from experiencing the art to creating together. As much as it connects us, no one can emphasize the less that art creates meaningful conversations and helps us to form our own community with like-minded people and common interests. Art challenges us to look beyond the world and experience it on our terms. After all, you don't want to talk about the intricacies and the sense of belonging that you feel when someone talks about the creation of Waterhouse over a cup of coffee with an art lover. We experience it both individually and collectively.

Art connects us with the world

In the Greek language there is a word for art – poiesis (to make), which is described as "a way of knowing the world". Art unwittingly opens the door of knowledge to you. You can overcome all adversity and learn more about cultures, history, food, people, emotions and other aspects that have helped us survive in this world. Art is not a luxury but a tool of self-expression that will help you break the shackles and embrace the new thoughts, interpretations associated with the old or even the philosophical couples

Sewing stories together

Our world today suffers and is chaotic. While there is much beauty and splendor to see, there have been wars that cost lives, civil wars that displaced millions, and the devastating natural disasters. Artists have always been the standard bearers of change and have always fought for what is right. They raise their voices against inequality, racism, sexism and injustice across the city. How can one forget the heartbreaking art by Picasso painted about the terrible aftermath of the bombing of a Basque village? The work of art will always withstand the test of time

The bottom line

Engaging in art while creating art and decor at the same time is a great way to focus on your human self and make the world a better place once it's all rolled out to create a positive perspective. And you know what? One thing that can help you become an enthusiast – access to an authentic production of such works of art on the. They have a wide variety of collections of paintings that are sure to support your physiological well-being.

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