For many of us the task of organising a wardrobe can be daunting especially where we look at that pile on the bed and it seems like it will never happen. Well luckily we live in an age where technology is at our fingertips so you can easily call or message Dial A Service Canada and one of hour representatives will be right with you.

We are 24/7 so do not be afraid to call us to work odd hours that would more suitably fit around your schedule we can get it done before your husband or wife gets home and you can take the credit.

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Make sure your hard work gets noticed, book us today.

We Use Great Organisation and Packing Skills for Results

The team is very organised and strategic in executing your tasks and can show you little shortcuts that can help you along the way, should you wish to do it yourself. We are very open to helping out customers develop thier own independence with this endeavor because we cane about you.

Price Table

Wardrobe Services Price
Folding $20/hour
Ironing $20/hour
Washing $20/hour
Cleaning $20/hour
Planning outfits $7/hour
Consultancy $5/hour

Our Services Recommend

After choosing our services, you will come to discover why we are so highly recommended by others. .

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