We offer comprehensive repair services, from plumbing to electrical its all covered under Dial A Service Canada, there are many services that may not be listed so do not be afraid to contact us with queries about the services offered.

Our commitment to quality service delivery will ensure that your job is done well and on time, so you can relax while we work out the problem for you. We are very solution oriented so you can be assured that it will be sorted just give us a call we will be right there.

Plumber uses pipe wrench for service shower mixer tap.

We have adopted industry based techniques with some of our staffs unique intuition and practical knowledge in order to give you an even greater quality of service.

At times our clients may think that the task is too difficult but it isn’t you needn’t worry we will get it done.

We Use High End Tools and Equipment to Make Your Home and Appliances operational.

After the work is done you will enjoy a long term repair period. We do the work to ensure you won’t need to call us for the same issue again. We hold you the customer at the core of our business functionality. We want our quality and dedication to speak for itself.

We repair devices other services providers may not like smart home technology. Equipment powered by solar systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), just call us about your problem and we will surely help.

Price Table

Repair Services Price
Appliances $20/hour
Bathroom $20/hour
Kitchen Devices $20/hour
Smart Home Technology $40/hour
Renewable Technology $30/hour
Plumbing/Electrical $20/hour

Our Services Recommend

After choosing our maid services, you will come to discover why we are so highly recommended by others. We are at the top tier of services in Canada. When give us access to your home you have the added reassurance of knowing you have hired a team of trustworthy and dependable professionals that have the training and experience to get your home repaired every time.

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