The Dial A Service Staff is trained in the use of various products to leave your laundry clean and stain free. This means that the staff is also trained in the use of eco-friendly products as well as the commercialized ones, you can state your preference.

We take care to observe the material and directions outlined not just by the client but by the manufacturer so that the products that need to be hand washed or treated delicately would be, Additionally, we dry, fold and press the clothes for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for these services.


Price Table

Laundry Services Price
Washing $20/hour
Drying $20/hour
Folding $20/hour
Ironing $20/hour
Combination Packages $/job
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Packages $/job

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After choosing our services, you will come to discover why we are so highly recommended by others. We are the top tier services serving Canada.

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