Yes ironing, one of the most annoying tasks to people, let us relieve you from the torture and the time you spend pressing these clothes only to discover it still looks untidy. We will have these pressed and organised for a week/weeks until you need us again.

The quality of the work that is done will be beyond any competitors as we focus on you and delivering great customer service, We guarantee a memorable experience with our friendly and open staff and believes in business relationship building as well as work execution.

Happy young worker ironing a client’s shirt on ironing board

Professional services guaranteed,

Price Table

Ironing Services Price
Formal Wear $20/hour
Casual Wear $20/hour
Work clothes $20/hour
School Clothes $10/hour
Sheets/Curtains $20/hour
Other $/hour

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After choosing our services, you will come to discover why we are so highly recommended by others.

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