We love the beauty that is birthed from the work of our hands. We care take and plant with love. We believe that this approach leads to more fruitful green spaces that make clients the envy of their peers.

We would love to manage and maintain your garden our staff are very friendly and are passionate about what they do

The Dial A Service Canada Guarantee

The Dial A Service Canada Team is passionate about superior service delivery. The aesthetics of your garden will not only be maintained but enhanced.

Price Table

Gardening Services Price
Garden Maintenance $20/hour
Garden Improvement $20/hour
Sourcing New Plants $20/hour
Fencing $30/hour
Design $20/hour
Trimming/Cutting $20/hour

Our Services Recommend

After choosing our services, you will come to discover why we are so highly recommended by others. We are the top gardening services serving Canada.

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