We day trade experiences! We create the most memorable moments by utilizing a customized approach to events taking into consideration, theme, audience, personalities and culture.

We recognize that moments cannot be recreated easily, so we deliver on our first impressions. We spend time understanding you and your specific needs and then we execute a unique experience for you and your audience. Our event management team consists of people that are mature in the market and that are eager and passionate about an exclusive well organised events with a few surprises.

The DASC Commitment

The Dial a Service Team is committed to helping you plan events that are unforgettable and that make you smile the next day. Something that you wake from with the knowledge that you had an amazing time at that event and that it is so etched into your memory that you cannot stop talking about it.

We are also committed to the environment, and we strive to host events that are Eco-friendly reducing our carbon foot print as much as possible. We use recyclable material and encourage clients to adopt this approach although it is not mandatory.

Our ability to host these events as well as our commitment to environmental solutions are what make us desired by our valued customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or a chat.

Price Table

Event Services Price
Elegant Decor $/hour
Music/Band $/hour
Food/Beverages $/hour
Ushers/Servers $/hour
Venues $/hour
Special Requests $/hour

Our Services Recommend

After choosing our services, you will come to discover why we are so highly recommended by others.

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