Shapes’ newest ‘loaded’ with flavour and crunch

Shapes has launched a new range, Fully Loaded, that is promoted as truly living up to its


“Burst(ing) with flavour and crunch in every bite”, the Shapes Fully Loaded range is available in the flavours of Sizzling Meatlovers, Flame Grilled Chicken, Ultimate Cheese, and Epic Garlic Bread.

“We’re excited to launch our most off-the-scale, flavoursome and crunchy Shapes range with Fully Loaded,” says Shapes Brand Manager Alice Johnson. “These new textures and flavours are epic and unique additions to the Shapes offering, and we know you will love crunching them as much as we do!”

Sizzling Meatlovers, Flame Grilled Chicken and Ultimate Cheese are now available on shelves at Woolworths (RRP $3.50). Epic Garlic Bread will be available exclusively at Coles from the end of August.

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