Beginning announcement card designs that received't break the financial institution

Make your own birth card that your family will love. Here's how!

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Birth is one of the happiest times for a family. The whole family gathers to celebrate the arrival of the bundle of joy. This is also a great time for the family to announce this happy event with a birth announcement. There are hundreds of unique ways parents can customize these cards to personalize them. Make the most of this time as soon as you make their first birthday invitations.

Having a baby, however, is a costly undertaking in itself. Without careful budgeting, other problems could soon arise. So here are a few ways to create birth announcement cards without breaking the bank:


There are countless photo editors online that use an online birth announcement template that is customizable to your liking. During the last days of pregnancy, play around with these templates to find a design you like.

These templates come in a wide range from simple to complex in almost every shade of color. Some of the most popular shades for baby announcement cards are light pastels of all colors. Mix and match and use stickers to create an announcement you love. If you would like to add a picture, you can create the rest of the card ahead of time and add a picture when your baby is born.

Digitize the invitations

Use the pandemic as an excuse and send your invitations via SMS or email. Create a graphic design online on editing websites like Canva and send it to all your contacts. This will make your task ten times easier as you would already be preoccupied with the baby's arrival. This also eliminates the possibility of missing a person you intended to send the card to. You can also save on printing and shipping costs in this way.

Use online services

Since we're still on the digital side, countless websites are dedicated to designing these cards and sending them out to people. While this is a bit more expensive, it's worth it when it comes to saving time. You design a sophisticated card with all the necessary information and send it to whoever you want to send it to. You are spared the hassle of printing out and organizing your mail.


If design isn't your forte and you're not proficient with editing software, you can go classic. Send a picture of your bundle of joy with their name and date of birth on the back of the picture. This is probably the laziest option you have and it doesn't take that long. Many people prefer to send these pictures in a postcard to distant relatives.

photography at home

Unleash your creativity and get crafting using things lying around the house as props to take your baby's first pictures at home. The ideal place to take such pictures would be in a room with plenty of sunlight, as leaving your child outdoors for long periods of time might not be the best idea.

A quick trip to the craft store to look for supplies to use as props could give you some really creative ideas and end up being quite cheap. If all this is a bit too much work for you, show off your newly designed nursery and photograph the newborn in his new home!

The big siblings

Older siblings are happy about the arrival of their younger siblings. You can stay excited while you wait by letting them do the birth announcements themselves. This gives it a personal touch and relatives would like to receive the older children's announcements. The integration of the older siblings relieves you almost completely of finding ideas and implementing them for invitations. This is a great activity, especially for slightly older siblings.

Choose a minimalist style

The less complex you make the process, the better it would be. Some parents like to go all out and personalize each card for whoever they are sending it to. While it seems like the perfect idea, no one really has the time to do it all. It only ends up creating more chaos for the parents. So a simple design is a way to go.

The conclusion

The tips will certainly make the birth announcement a little more convenient for you and keep everything under control so that the budget is not neglected. I congratulate you on your baby!

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