Remodel and transform your lavatory

The bathroom is a room in your home where you want to focus your time and energy!

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Your bathroom serves as a place to start your day, but also as a retreat when the day ends. Designing a beautiful bathroom and making it a place where you want to spend time is easier than you think. First, you need to have a design or idea in mind. There are many bathroom designs out there and it can be overwhelming to proceed without first choosing one. So how do you want your finished space to look? Do you have a dream bathroom in mind – even if it's not the same shape or size as your room?

Use the whole space

Space is often wasted in the bathroom. This could depend on how it is laid out, or it could depend on what is shown in the room. To make sure you Transform and renovate your bathroom to a standard that you are happy with, you need to make sure you use all of the space. A remodel can help you see where you might put the bathtub, or it could help you determine where the toilet should be positioned. Trying to look at your bathroom with a fresh pair of eyes will ensure you're making the most of every space you have.

heating and cooling

Your bathroom needs to be warm in winter (and when you get out of the shower) and it needs to be cool on hot summer days too. How you heat and cool your bathroom is important. You don't want to invest a lot in your bathroom makeover only to only find yourself with an ugly heater or cooler. You want to invest in a stylish heater like a wall mounted radiator warm rooms after all, a radiator can catch your eye and help bring your entire bathroom together. Why leave ugly furnishings lying around when you have the chance and opportunity to change them?

Focus on the lighting

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom, the lighting you use can and will impact how your bathroom looks and feels. Bathrooms can benefit from as much natural light as possible, but when that's not possible, you can of course resort to artificial lighting. Bright white daylight bulbs can brighten up any room, but so can they make a bathroom bright and stunning. Bright lighting can take the relaxing element out of a bathroom, so think carefully about what lighting you want to use and the ambiance you want to create.

Colors used in your bathroom can also have a major impact on your renovation. If you want to make a statement, you might consider adding a feature wall. Or if you want to make a room feel bigger and more spacious, you could consider a light and bright color scheme.

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