10 trendy concepts for the outside of backyard rooms

The garden room is an ideal place for a summer living room, children's playroom or office right in the garden!

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The ideas for their design can be very different. It doesn't have to be a complex architectural structure. Very often it is just a small wooden hut with a window and a set of necessary furniture.

Garden room design ideas

Similar to other rooms in our house, a Garden room allows the owner to get really creative and design the space according to his wishes. Inside, you can arrange practical furniture and decorate the room with live plants in pots, or highlight the garden room with lots of brightly colored fabrics, plush armchairs and flowering plants to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. Next, we will give you a few ideas on how to decorate your garden room.

Set up an office in the garden

Many people often try to expand the usable space in their home. And you can do this by transforming the garden room into your personal office. This solution has been particularly popular in recent years, when many office workers were forced to switch to working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many committed employees dream of having their own garden office in order to combine work and enjoyment of nature. Such an office will help you avoid long and tiring trips to the office. And at the same time, you don't have to worry about being distracted by the TV, fridge or sofa. In order to make working in your garden office pleasant at any time of the year, it is advisable to insulate such a construction in regions with a cold climate. There must also be electricity and accessible Wi-Fi inside.

Creating a plant wall

If the climate allows it, why not bring one of the garden room walls to life. A plant wall will make the interior more beautiful and modern, in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Inside, such a room can be arranged according to your wishes and requirements. The most important thing is to install high quality lighting and storage systems in addition to the necessary furniture.

Black square

A square structure completely painted in black will look very extravagant in the garden. Although black is considered a risky color, especially in interior design, you shouldn't be afraid of it. The use of black in small amounts here and there (decor, accent wall) gives the interior a polished and sophisticated look. Here you can set up an art studio to create outdoors or create a space for your handicrafts in the garden.

Hidden capsule

This structure can be made of wood or sheet metal. Around it it is worth planting a lawn, breaking a flowerbed with wildflowers or placing low bushes. Inside the capsule, it is enough to arrange benches, place shelves, add pillows to turn the garden room into the perfect place for a teenager.

Garden tent

Such a construction will be appropriate not only during a wedding or party. There is a huge selection of tents of all types that allow you to spend time outdoors and still be protected from sunlight or rain. Typically these designs are made from cotton fabric.

Gothic barn

A Gothic style garden room is a bold and elegant design idea. Its features can be an open wall with an arch, ribs or supports in the form of massive columns on which the roof of the traditional form for this style is held. The facade does not need to be decorated with mosaics. It can simply be painted in one color to match the overall garden design.

Mobile shepherd's hut

The simple rustic hut design on wheels is a good choice for families with children or those who often like to fine-tune the look of their garden. You can organize and decorate the interior as you like. This can either be a children's room with a play area, a study or another room in addition to the house. In the latter case, you can build a mini kitchen here and even install a shower.

Summer kitchen

Relaxing in the garden is not complete without a barbecue or outdoor dining. The ideal place for this is the garden room, which has been specially converted into a kitchen. They are particularly popular regions where the weather is unpredictable and changes frequently. But even if you have mostly bright and sunny weather, you should not do without such a pavilion in your garden. Such a room may have zero or multiple walls. Inside, in addition to a large table, benches or chairs, you need to place a grill and other equipment for outdoor cooking.

Guest room in the garden

If your family often invites guests and has no special overnight accommodation, it is worth converting the garden room into a mini guest house. To do this, you need to provide electricity, water, plumbing and the necessary furniture. Depending on the size of the room, it can only be a bed with bedside tables and hangers or a sofa bed with a stool.

Colorful paintwork

With the help of paint, brush and imagination, you can create a really unique interior or exterior. To do this, you just need to paint the walls of the garden shed according to any design. In addition, these do not have to be artistic or graphic masterpieces. Here, too, an expressionist style would be appropriate. If you don't have any drawing skills, you can just use a stencil and spray paint. Your children can also be involved in the process. It will be a fun and memorable pastime.

The main rule is that the exterior of the garden room should match the general layout of the site. This is how you organically fit it into the overall look of your garden and all other buildings on your property.

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