Learn how to safe workplace tools through the transfer

Are you moving your office to a new location? How to secure your equipment when moving!

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Moving to a new office can be exciting and stressful for all employees and employers. After all, moving to a different and unique environment arouses positive emotions and everyone is full of joy and curiosity. However, before the move is celebrated, everyone must help secure all necessary equipment, appliances, furniture and office tools. A smooth and successful transition to your new office is crucial. Safety is a major concern when it comes to moving. Aside from avoiding damage, you want to make sure nothing is lost. All utensils in the office are valuable and should be treated and handled very well. Whether you decide to hire moving companies or do it yourself, it's important to properly secure them all before the day of moving. Apply the tips and excursions below to secure all of your office equipment to get you started.

Provide cushioning

Everyone's priority is to ensure that all things that are moved are kept in their original state. Therefore, you should invest in the right cushioning. Office supplies and equipment need cushioning when shipping, especially if they are fragile. While it is most preferred to return them to their original packaging, if these items have been used for a long time, it may no longer be possible to do so.

In order to avoid damage, you must use the appropriate cushioning material in the respective packaging in order to prevent the items from moving.

  • Bubble wrap. Bubble wrap comes in a variety of sizes, designs, and styles. There is Bubble wrap Bags or envelopes available, just drop the contents and seal the front opening. There are also bubble wrap designed for you to cover wider or bulkier things. They are freely malleable so you can hide anything with them. The bubble wrap is equipped with air-filled bags to adequately cushion your fragile office items. Although there are many sizes available, the air inside the pouch comes in many styles and sizes.
  • Foam sheets. Packaging foam is considered to be one of the most widely used cushioning materials because it is flexible enough to be molded into any shape ideal for the item it is intended to protect during transit. Like bubble wrap, foam sheets provide sufficient protection and security for your office equipment and devices.

Foam packaging is relatively tight and bulky for unlimited paperwork. They are widely used in bows and rolls. You can also choose how thin or thick you want them to be. There are also degrees of hardness to ensure your gear is better protected.

Don't forget to label everything

To ensure a smoother move, make sure everything is labeled. You can write on the box or use masking or lab tape to make it more visible. Make sure that all labels are legible and visible. This way you can ensure that no items are lost and you can rearrange everything instantly when you arrive at your new office. Such labels will help everyone know what is inside them before opening them. You can start creating one positive office climate when everything you need is already there.

Seal the boxes tightly and securely

It is important to emphasize the importance of sealing the boxes well. Some may skip this step and often accidentally break off or fall off. Sometimes people lose important things inside, and it's hard to tell who stole them considering how many people are involved in the move. It's best not to overlook this tip and just close the can tightly and tightly. If you tape cardboard boxes, you can see if they have already been opened or if someone has tried to break the seal. You can also seal your filing cabinets and drawers by taping evidential tape on each drawer to make sure no one tried to break in.

Secure desks and office furniture

You can manage a rule for anyone with a desk to pack their own content. Tell everyone to remove any items that are no longer in use and make sure that all personal items are wrapped with bubble wrap. It is best to notify everyone of the move a few days or weeks earlier so that they can gradually start packing. When you hire movers, you can use the desk and most of your Startup office Essential.

Let professionals handle the equipment

Monitors and hard drives should be appropriately labeled to ensure that all employees receive original documents and information. Make sure that the cables and cords for each computer are bundled together. When you get to your new office, it's best to install your computer and tools right away to make sure they've been handled correctly and are working properly. In the case of printers, copiers and servers in particular, the office IT equipment should be handled by qualified specialists. Such technical devices are sensitive and should only be used by experts. For your telephone systems, make sure that all telephones are clearly labeled and that the cables are held together. Check with your telephone service provider to see if extensions can be maintained or assigned to new employees.


When you find that you have too many things to do and too many things to focus on, you need support. It is therefore best to hire professional moving companies. Take the necessary steps for your moving day as listed above and rely on the professionals to handle your move successfully. In this way, you can move to your new office without stress or physical fatigue.

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