6 particulars your potential actual property agent will need to see in your company's presentation

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In order to hire the best real estate agents, you must be able to start your brokerage as a that a place to be. You're essentially going to be selling your organization to potential candidates so you can trick them into submitting their applications (or just keep you on their contact list if they're not actively looking for opportunities).

So it's important not just to learn how to create top notch, easy-to-understand ones Real estate recruiting slides but also know What lock in. Without knowing what to expect from you, talented real estate agents will hesitate to ask at all. Here are some of the key details to include in your agency's presentation:

Commission structure

Everyone, not just real estate agents, wants to be adequately rewarded for their work. However, real estate companies usually pursue a different compensation model than in other industries. With a commission structure, the usual split is 50/50 between broker and agent. However, if you're trying to convince a sought-after agent, adjust the split in their favor.

The staggered commission structure, in which the allocation is initially made in favor of the broker (e.g. 60/40), is also becoming increasingly popular. Once the agent hits a certain sales target, their commission split increases and will continue to do so per milestone. Eventually, depending on the performance, it can reach 50/50 or even more.

Regardless of the compensation structure you have, make sure all the details are clear. For example, if you use the tiered commission model, specify exactly when the agent can expect an adjustment to the split. There are no nasty surprises and you have enough time for negotiations.

Advantages and advantages

What else can you offer real estate agents besides a fair payment? Do you have flexible working hours? What about health insurance and paid time off? Can new employees look forward to management support? Make sure you list all of these benefits and benefits in your presentation. Ultimately, a high commission split alone is not enough to convince real estate agents to join your brokerage firm. Money isn't everything (although it will help a lot in building your case). Many employees today would like a little lower pay for a healthier work-life balance. If you can give them the best of both worlds, so much the better!

Mentoring and professional training

Speaking of perks and perks, another thing that potential real estate agents look for in a brokerage business is mentoring or coaching. Top performers always strive to improve, so naturally they will be interested in brokers or agencies that offer training opportunities. That way, they can achieve their work goals while getting better at what they're doing. If you cannot do this within the agency (e.g. you do not have many permanent agents offering coaching) then budget for outside training. The key is to provide agents with the help they need to grow.

Help with technology

The most productive real estate agents use the technologies available to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Hence, it is pretty safe to say that they will look to your broker for these solutions. If you have not yet invested in technical solutions, now is the right time to do so. Get a CRM and other services that streamline processes and make it easier for your real estate agents to do their job well.

Career opportunities

Some real estate agents are content to stick to the status quo. However, many more are looking forward to the opportunity to develop professionally. Can you or do you promote regularly earned employees? Let potential candidates know when and how to achieve this. You should also include other ways of transporting people, such as: B. Side transport (which can provide access to new skills and opportunities).

An insight into the corporate culture

Last but not least, potential candidates want to get to know the culture of your real estate brokerage. Nobody wants to work somewhere where they don't feel they belong. This can be bad for morale and even affect their health. Instead, they want to live in an environment that supports their growth, matches or complements their personality and shares their values.

Therefore, you should definitely include a little insight into the corporate culture in your recruiting presentation. Include photos and videos of course, but more than that, state your mission, vision and values. What do you stand for What do you believe in? If you know these things, potential real estate agents can see early on whether they are a good match for your brokerage.

When these details are integrated into your real estate recruiting slides, it will be easier for you to bring your case forward and to attract not only the best but also the right brokers to your referral.

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