5 causes to contemplate a photo voltaic carport set up

As solar energy becomes more affordable, companies around the world can experiment with newer ways to use clean energy!

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And while solar carports were originally designed for commercial parking lots, the use of this technology in residential properties is slowly gaining popularity. Solar carports are covered parking spaces with a roof made of PV or photovoltaic panels. In contrast to conventional PV modules that are installed on roofs, solar carports have PV open space systems that are installed at an inclined angle a few meters above the ground. Here are five reasons why you should consider installing a solar carport:

Flexible and customizable

The look of your property can affect its value. That million dollar home you bought this year will cost less at some point in the next few years if it looks dated or poorly maintained.

Solar powered homes are attractive and popular, so why not jump on the bandwagon by investing in a solar carport? Solar carports are very flexible and individually adaptable in terms of color, size and shape. That way, you can choose a design that fits the theme you want.

Do you want to adapt to a minimalist design? Choose white PV modules for your solar carport. Are you planning to paint your outdoor area in neutral colors? Choose similar shades for your solar carport, namely parchment, ivory or beige. You have many options to choose from so you will have no problem adding or maintaining your curb appeal.

Easy to maintain

One of the biggest misconceptions most people have about solar carports is that maintenance is stressful and tedious. Some people may even ignore the idea of ​​installing solar carports in their properties because they fear that they will not be able to meet maintenance requirements. In reality, this is not the case, because a solar carport is actually very easy to maintain. In fact, solar carports make it very easy for you to maintain the parking space on your property. If your PV modules require service, such as cleaning or replacement, you can easily hire specialists to do this work for you. Hiring professionals can help you save money as they have the skills and equipment to ensure your solar carport is in pristine condition.

Protects your car

Besides a house, your car is probably one of the most expensive investments of your life. However, the money you spent buying a car will eventually go down the drain if your car is damaged. Apart from the fact that you regularly a Car maintenance checklist, installing a solar carport can also protect your car. The structure of solar carports can divert snow and rain from your cars. This will help maintain the condition of your car and ensure that it stays in pristine condition whatever the weather. Solar carports can also reduce ice build-up in your parking lot and make driving easier for you.

Lower costs

Being able to buy or build a home from scratch is just the beginning of your responsibilities as a homeowner. After you own a home you have to pay bills every month to make sure you can enjoy your investment and all of the amenities that it offers. Save yourself expensive utility bills by investing in a solar carport as early as possible. Similar to solar systems on the roof, a solar carport also minimizes your energy consumption, resulting in less Energy bills. This can be lifesaving, especially if your whole family uses different devices on a daily basis.

Depending on where you live, you can also exchange the electricity generated by your solar carport for credits on your monthly bill. You can also sell energy to the grid and make more money.

Efficient use of space

While some have sufficient funds to invest in spacious real estate, others have to save money for years in order to be able to afford a property with the right amount of space. If you are one of the latter, you can still invest in a solar carport. Another reason you should consider installing a solar carport is that it takes up little to no additional space. A solar carport can easily be installed in an existing parking lot so that you don't have to look for additional space.

Do you already have parking for two cars? You can have a solar carport installed in the same place as it is versatile and available in different sizes. You can also customize the dimensions of the solar carport to ensure that it adapts perfectly to the available space on your property.

Invest in a solar carport

As you can see, installing a solar carport can be a wise investment for a number of reasons. While you may have to spend money to buy and install the PV modules, the benefits you get may outweigh the costs. If you are convinced of the cost-effectiveness of a solar carport, you can start looking for contractors to install one on your property. Remember to hire someone who is experienced and licensed.

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