5 turkey options so as to add pleasure to your festive cooking

Turkey may be the traditional centerpiece for Christmas dinner, but by no means the only option!

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And you've probably heard that at least one of your guests complained that they didn't really like turkey or that they found it too dry. So why not upgrade a little this year? Here are some great main ideas to experiment with this Christmas.


Roast goose can be a great alternative to turkey as it offers a much richer, more flavorful flavor than turkey while retaining that Christmassy feel. As a result, while it can be expensive, it can be well worth it. Because it's fatter than turkey, goose meat also has a moist, tender texture. Goose fat itself is also full of flavor and can therefore be used to prepare delicious Christmas vegetables.


The tender and delicious beef is a surefire choice for any of your guests who turn up their noses at the turkey. Beef is also beneficial because you can choose the method of preparation and the cold cuts depending on your guests' preferences. When cooking, you can either cook the beef so that it turns out juicy and rare, or fry the meat slowly to make it even more tender. When choosing a cut, topside is an all-time favorite for roasting. Alternatively, however, you can opt for a luxurious steak cut, such as a premium bone in ribeye, to truly delight your family and friends.


Ham is another popular festive option, making it a spectacular centerpiece for your Christmas dinner. The roast ham is salty and juicy with a more complex taste profile than turkey. You can also easily add another layer of flavor to your meat by coating the ham with a sweet glaze. All leftovers can also easily be used for snacks or other meals. However, due to its popularity, it is likely that you will need to order the ham in advance to ensure its availability.

Nut roast

More and more people today are choosing to cut down or cut down on their meat consumption, so it is always worth having a few festive vegetarian dishes on your mind to prepare for. The nut roast is a classic meatless alternative to Christmas dinner, but it can sometimes be a bit bland. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can add to flavor this dish slightly. For example, adding a cheese topping to your nut roast can add another dimension to the dish, while adding cranberries and chestnuts gives it a festive touch.

filled aubergine

If you want to add a little bit to your vegetarian Christmas cuisine, you can try stuffed eggplants instead. Eggplant, also known as eggplant, has a meaty texture that makes it a great substitute for Christmas dinner. For the filling, you can use cheese, nuts or a vegetarian filling, depending on your taste. Alternatively, if you want to use a little more season, you can replace the baked pumpkin with the eggplant.

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