Marketing campaign to Assist Aussies "Know Your AUSVEG"

AUSVEG uses social media to educate the public about the Australian vegetable and potato industry.

The industry panel will post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn highlighting the significant contributions from the vegetable industry that are encouraging the industry and the wider public to #knowyourAUSVEG.

According to Shaun Lindhe, AUSVEG's National Manager of Communications, the vegetable industry is a highly technical, progressive and growing sector.

"It is a major contributor to agricultural employment and provides economic benefits to all companies along the agricultural supply chain – it is the lifeblood of many regional and rural communities that rely on a thriving agricultural sector," he says.

“Vegetables are the largest sector in the Australian horticultural industry with a Farmgate value of nearly $ 5 billion, which according to ABARES data is larger than a number of other agricultural sectors including most domestic meat markets (except cattle and calves), all fisheries and forestry, all legumes and oilseeds and is comparable to our dairy and the combined fruit and nut industry.

“The vast majority of the vegetables sold in Australia are grown in Australia. This tremendous effort is possible because of the hard work and determination of our vegetable growers and the support of the wider supply chain to help supply vegetables to Australian and international consumers.

"AUSVEG will use the #knowyourAUSVEG campaign to highlight the achievements of the breeders so that they can get the overdue recognition they deserve."

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