Coles Liquor launches Christmas fundraiser

Coles Liquor offers a little festive mood for Australians who have a hard time this Christmas.

Through December 12th, the retailer is supporting the SecondBite food rescue charity by collecting donations from customers in more than 900 stores across Australia.

Research by SecondBite shows that the cost burden of Christmas puts pressure on already overstretched budgets for a growing number of Australians.

The organization reports a significant increase in the number of people seeking food aid since the pandemic began. 73% of the municipal organizations experience a higher demand compared to the same period in the previous year.

Steve Clifford, Chief Executive of SecondBite, says gift giving is at the heart of almost all of our Christmas traditions, and this is reflected in the generosity of Australians during the Christmas season.

“Christmas should be a time to celebrate the things that really matter, our bonds with family and friends – without worrying about where your next meal is coming from,” he says.

"With a donation of just US $ 2, we can provide enough food for up to 10 meals for people who would otherwise go hungry at this particular time of year."

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