v2food begins Style-a-tarian marketing campaign

v2food launched the Taste-a-tarian campaign with the hope of uniting consumers who enjoy great-tasting foods and increasing their consumption of plant-based meat.

The company takes note of a recent survey by YouGov. It found that 98% of Australian adults surveyed said the taste of a product is important to them when making food purchase decisions.

"Regardless of whether you are a carnivore, pescatarian, vegan or vegetarian," says v2food, "anyone can enjoy delicious food by claiming to be a taste-A-Tarian."

To encourage all Australians to try a “delicious” plant-based burger and identify themselves as a taste addict, v2food has teamed up with the restaurant chain Ribs & Burgers to give away free v2burgers to customers who want to take away in restaurants or shops order are a "taste-a-tarian". Starting today (November 23rd) at 11:30 a.m., the first 1000 Taste-a-tarians will receive a free v2 cheeseburger until sold out.

To help more Australians discover and enjoy more plant-based meat alternatives, v2food has also announced its ongoing partnership with Ribs & Burgers. Customers can customize their order and make any burger from the Ribs & Burgers menu plant-based by choosing a v2burger option at no additional cost.

"In Australia, we see people changing their diet for a number of reasons including sustainability, health and ethical considerations," said Andrew May, v2food's chief growth officer.

“While there are multiple factors driving consumers to look for alternative food options, ultimately they want their meal to taste great, feel normal and be“ easy every day ”.

“As Australians, we value meal times and social occasions, and our goal at v2 is to deliver great tasting food that satisfies every palate. Our Taste-a-tarian campaign shows that v2's range of plant-based protein products delivers the same meaty taste and makes meals easy regardless of your dietary preferences. "

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