Ideas and methods for kitchen cleansing

Having a clean kitchen always feels good. However, it is not always easy to get there!

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To help you get on the pleasant side of cleaning, we've listed some tips and hacks that will speed up the process and give you more time to enjoy your fresh and tidy kitchen.

Establish a regular kitchen cleaning schedule

Many people shy away from cleaning the kitchen because crumbs, dirt and stains from everyday use constantly pour in among the residents. However, it is recommended that you set up a regular cleaning schedule so that you can keep track of cleaning tasks. Regular cleaning results in a clean kitchen that is easier to maintain. By creating a cleaning schedule each week, you are more likely to use your free time to relax on the weekends rather than mopping and scrubbing your floor and countertops.

If you can't settle on a schedule, you should turn to a professional cleaning company. Professionals like Caliber cleaning in Melbourne can do the kitchen cleaning for you and thoroughly disinfect it every time. This tip is even more helpful if you ever plan to renovate your kitchen in the future, as a regularly serviced kitchen causes less damage from neglect.

Tidy up your kitchen to make room

If the space in your kitchen has become unwieldy due to the layout and space, there are a few different ways you can remedy this. Some of them are:

Another option is to clean up the room. Taking the time to tidy and properly organize your items will make your kitchen more spacious and welcoming. Organizing your utensils is an excellent place to start. Keep them logically and easily accessible and save yourself the hassle of searching through the drawer to find what you are looking for. Second, make sure that your kitchen equipment is in good condition. Having a broken device or two lying around it just looks like it's in a mess while creating a dangerous environment. Devices with exposed wires can, for example cause electrical fires. Finally, make sure your countertops are free of clutter. If you're struggling to keep the space clean, consider investing in some simple storage solutions, such as buying an extra closet.

Clean your dishwasher with baking soda

A dishwasher can stink quickly, but that's an easy problem to solve. Sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of your dishwasher, especially the spray arm. Then run a full cleaning cycle. Your dishwasher not only smells better, it also cleans better. Baking soda has a variety of household uses. It contains properties that make it possible to neutralize odors and give you a fresh-smelling dishwasher.

Adding dish soap to your blender

We all love to use our blender, but we hate cleaning it. It is one of the most difficult and tedious things in the kitchen to clean. The best trick to cleaning your favorite blender with ease is to add a few drops of dish soap to the blender immediately after using it. Add water until it is about half full, then mix. Do this for a few seconds and watch how easily all of the nasty dirt comes out of the blender.

Disinfect these household sponges

Sponges, especially those that are used in the kitchen sink every day, can Warehouse for all types of bacteria. But did you know that you can disinfect your household sponges in the microwave? By warming your sponges in the microwave for a minute or two, you can disinfect the sponge and keep it free from odor-causing bacteria. The heat will kill any bacteria that has built up in the sponge, including those that cause bad smells. Try this once or twice a week for the best results.

Throw a lemon in the garbage disposal unit

If not taken care of properly, garbage trucks can smell awful. In addition to disposing of the trash appropriately, you should also throw a lemon or two down there to freshen things up. Halve a lemon and throw it in the trash with running water. Turn on the disposal and let it run for a few seconds. Then turn off the disposal, but leave the water on for a few more moments. Turn off the water and enjoy the refreshing scent of lemons in your sink!

Lemons for stainless steel fittings

If you have a stainless steel faucet that looks foggy or dirty, grab your lemon and get to work! Halve a lemon. Then take the cut side of the lemon and rub it all over the faucet. Let it rest for about 5 minutes. When you're done, take a clean towel and wipe the lemon juice off the faucet along with any residue of dirt or grime. Lemons contain citric acid, a gentle polishing agent that can be used to clean stainless steel in no time. However, if you have really stubborn stains, you may need to go through the process more than once.

Naturally clean kitchen windows

Kitchen windows are difficult to clean because of all of the greasy stains that have built up over the months. For a quick DIY window cleaning solution, mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water, or add a teaspoon of mild dish detergent to half a quart of water. Spray or wipe the window and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth for streak-free results.

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