Consumers will enable extra time for deliveries this Black Friday and Christmas

New research shows that while many Australians plan to shop for the big upcoming online sales events, the majority understand the added pressure on retailers and couriers and are willing to give packages more time to arrive during this time .

The parcel delivery service CouriersPlease commissioned an independent panel of 1,010 Australians to survey the shopping behavior and mood of online consumers ahead of this year's major sales events. The full survey results by age group and state can be found here.

This year, shoppers are expected to spend more than $ 58 billion in stores and online during pre-Christmas sales events (Australian Retail Association, October 2021). Couriers Please have noticed that Black Friday is emerging as the biggest shopping event of the year, with 41% of Australian adults – the equivalent of 8.2 million (based on estimated national ABS residential population data, 2020) – intending to go shopping To make a purchase during this time alone, the Black Friday sales of the year. A quarter (24%) also plan to shop for Cyber ​​Monday sales.

CouriersPlease Chief Commercial Officer Paul Roper says the expected high volume is expected to put further pressure on retailers and package delivery services across the country.

The results also show that almost all consumers (96%) are willing to allow more time to receive their package during this month's sale to ease the pressure on couriers and retailers. Half (52%) of respondents said they would allow two to three extra days to receive their package, while 17% were willing to wait four to six extra days. This suggests a growing understanding of the pressures couriers face at major shopping events and as a result of the recent lockdowns, leading to an e-commerce boom.

Says Roper, “Our results show that buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the surge in orders retailers receive during these busy sales hours and the pressures that this puts on the supply chain. Customers are willing to wait extra days for delivery as long as their delivery company communicates effectively with them and manages delivery time expectations. "

CouriersPlease also uncovered the types of goods consumers are most likely to purchase during this year's major shopping events. A third (34%) buy technology, electronics, household appliances and furniture, while a quarter (25%) buy fashion items. The substantial discounts are sure to lure consumers to shop before Christmas and save big on more expensive items such as televisions, computers, and home appliances.

Roper adds, “Last year's Christmas time, CP handled more than eight million parcels and we are preparing to increase by 30 percent this year. At large sales events, retailers should set realistic delivery times as well as conservative cut-off times for Christmas orders to avoid unnecessary worries for their customers during the Christmas season. Regular communication is key to establishing accurate delivery times and managing consumer expectations, as well as reducing customer service inquiries and complaints. "

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