New look Kellogg informs shoppers

Kellogg has started to introduce a new packaging design for its breakfast brands. The refreshed packs are intended to make it easier to navigate nutritional and recycling information on the pack through a “simple and cohesive design that is pleasing to the eye both on the shelf and in the pantry” with a new aesthetic side panel.

The company also put a noticeable red tab in the top and bottom left corners of each box that wraps around the carton, taking advantage of the three-dimensional nature of the pack.

"The new wrap around device on our packaging really helps our shoppers to easily choose their favorite Kellogg brand either on the store shelf or in their pantry at home," says Lucie Wolstenholme, Marketing Director of Kellogg Australia.

“We also wanted to make sure that the new packaging design made it really easy for people to navigate to the information they care about, including nutrition and sustainability information,” she says.

Kellogg has dedicated a third of the back of the pack to an easy-to-read nutrition panel that contains ingredients, product benefits and nutritional information. It also introduces a range of symbols that promote visual communication and convey important nutritional or product benefits.

"By devoting so much of our pack to nutritional information, we are helping consumers educate themselves about the foods they choose," says Dr. Gina Levy, Senior Nutrition Manager at Kellogg Australia.

“We know nutritional information boards can be confusing at times, so we've made them easier to read with all of the nutritional information in one place. We've also listed some of the additional nutritional benefits using icons to help consumers choose, ”she says.

The updated packaging includes the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) which provides basic recycling information, including how and where to recycle the boxes – either in the roadside recycling bin or in a REDcycle soft plastic bin.

All Kellogg Australia breakfast brands will be converting to the new packaging design by the end of March 2022.

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