Mandolé Orchard expands its almond-based vary

Mandolé Orchard has expanded its range with the introduction of chocolate almond milk, coconut almond milk and smooth almond butter.

According to the brand, the three new products not only celebrate their “significant quality and their commitment to healthy products, but also offer something for everyone – even for the most picky palate”.

Mandolé orchard Chocolate almond milk

Low in sugar and “completely clean” with a “high” almond density, this product is advertised as the “perfect” afternoon refreshment, as the “ultimate” smoothie companion, as a “delicious” cocktail enhancer or as something for the most picky of young eaters.

Mandolé orchard Coconut and almond milk

The new coconut almond milk is said to be low in sugar, high in protein and vitamin E.

"There are fewer pairings that are more made for each other than coconut and almond," says the brand. "[The new product is] like a bottle holiday."

Mandolé orchard Smooth almond butter

The almond butter is freshly made on the family business from a "delicious mixture" of lightly roasted Premium Mandolé Orchard almonds.

The product is available salted and unsalted.

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