ALDI encourages Aussies to develop up this Christmas

The new Christmas TVC and the new campaign from ALDI Australia point out to customers that “Christmas must not be overcooked” this year.

The retailer's marketing director, Mark Richardson, says Australians are thrilled to be returning to the real world after another lengthy hiatus from “normal” life.

“Buyers are looking for unique products or great deals that can act as an antidote to the boring 'equality' of bans and restrictions,” he says.

“In the run-up to Christmas, we want to tap into the excitement after the lockdown and show what many of us are feeling – this year is going to be a little bigger.

“For this we have created an emotional and happy Christmas campaign that focuses on the joy of letting go. We hope that the cry "Christmas can't be overcooked" together with the prices and the phenomenal range from ALDI will inspire buyers to create the best possible Christmas for family and friends this year. "

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