Uber Eats expands meals decisions

Uber Eats flew a seven-meter-long cucumber over Sydney's east coast yesterday (November 14) to mark National Pickle Day. Towed by a helicopter, the 300 kg sculpture is also intended to be a “timely reminder” that the delivery platform has expanded its range of food.

Lucas Groeneveld, Regional General Manager for Retail at Uber Eats ANZ, says the platform may be synonymous with grocery deliveries, but it continues to expand its offering to include everyday categories like groceries, convenience, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and pet supplies.

"Our goal is to make it easier for Aussies to get what they need by the tap of a button and, more importantly, get them out of the last minute pickle they're in" , he says.

“This floating mammoth cucumber is a winking reminder of the everyday use of Uber Eats – from the incomparable restaurant selection to fresh fruit and vegetables. Our range is there to answer the call for the missing onion in your Bolognese or the bottle of wine you thought you had in the fridge before a dinner party. We're helping Aussies get ultra-comfortable access to their fingertips. "

As part of the campaign, Uber Eats is still offering to date (15.

Uber Eats also launched a new cucumber-themed banner in the app in Australia, featuring a curated selection of last-minute grocery items just in case.

Aussies love cucumbers

There's more to this campaign than just helping Aussies get out of the cucumber, says Uber Eats.

The data shows that cucumbers are "rising in popularity," with orders increasing nearly ten-fold from January to October this year.

"While in Australia thousands of pickles and pickles are ordered through the Uber Eats app every week, it's Victorians who consume the most pickles per capita, ahead of NSW residents, with Queenslanders in third place," says Uber Eats .

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