New assume tank offers perception into future traits

SOON, a “future think tank” that focuses on human knowledge, was founded and tracks trends, developments and disruptions in people, places, products and the planet.

Futurologist, social scientist and trend researcher Sarah Owen.Futurologist, social scientist and trend researcher Sarah Owen.

Led by internationally renowned futurist, social scientist and trend researcher Sarah Owen in collaboration with the Taboo Directors and brothers Andrew Mackinnon and James Mackinnon, the Australian-owned independent futuristic company is discovering the key words that will shape tomorrow by following today's cultural fringes . It enables organizations, companies and policy makers to stay ahead of trends and position themselves for opportunities.

Fresh from the renowned trend forecasting company WGSN, Ms. Owen has more than 13 years of experience in the fields of youth culture, social media and consumer research. She has shown her expertise in the USA, Europe and Australia as a consultant for several Fortune 500 brands, including Intel. In addition to his master's degree in sociology, Owen studied Strategic Foresight at the University of Houston.

With regular themed reports, SOON also offers tailor-made solutions for customers, especially from the retail sector, with a focus on lifestyle and cultural trends as well as human behavior. As one of the few futuristic agencies looking three to five years into the future, their research reveals actionable information that guides businesses through insight and foresight, trend analysis and scenario planning.

SOON's first report, Future Forecast 2024, highlights the global drivers of change and the emerging trends that are changing the way Generation Z and Millennials will approach work, travel, food, gaming and shopping in the future .

The report examines seven key themes (Life Wellbeing, Retail Revival, Meta-Worlds, The Age of Awareness, Post-Growth Paradigm, Reworking Work, and Revenge Travel) and reveals emerging mindsets and behaviors that will evolve over the next few years.

From predicting the metaverse revolutionizing every area of ​​life and psychedelics becoming a $ 7 billion industry; on mental health and financial well-being as part of the education plan and department stores of the future with new omnichannel strategies, the future forecast takes into account our highly polarized world from the youth perspective.

“Our first youth-oriented report shows how young people will think and behave in 2024. Young people today have more discerning eyes than previous generations, and it was fascinating to delve deep into the future, ”says Ms. Owen.

“We live in a liquid society where identity is not absolute. And in a way, this hits the zeitgeist of today's youth and helps us to understand why boxing people into clear segments is quickly becoming out of date. Understanding moods and moments will be the differentiator that will make brands resonate with young people. "

Post-Covid trends also appear in the report, including “bleisure” (mixture of business travel and vacation), nomadic digital visas – where workers can settle abroad for a year and in turn help boost the tourist-dependent economy and hotels Offer of subscription models and options for longer stays.

Mr. Mackinnon, who brings over 20 years of creative strategy, cultural trends and branding experience, says working with Ms. Owen has been an eye-opening experience.

“Sarah is the best in the business. It was amazing to see what she already discovered in our Future Forecast 2024 report, especially at a time of constant change and uncertainty, ”she says. "While it may seem impossible to some to predict the future, we look forward to continuing to present new methodologies and groundbreaking foresight that will have real commercial benefits for businesses and consumers alike."

SOON has already developed some radically new and bespoke solutions for customers looking to keep up with the cultural fringes, including mapping several of the world's most innovative retail stores and experiencing them in virtual reality.

You can view the immersive SOON Future Youth Forecast 2024 by going to

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