ACAPMA and Comfort World announce industrial partnership

A new five year partnership brings together the shared resources of two organizations with years of experience working with their respective members and partners to create a strong advocate for independent retailers and suppliers in the expanding convenience market.

ACAPMA, with 44 years of experience supporting fuel wholesalers and fuel retailers, has today entered into a strategic partnership with Retail Media, which has been providing information to retailers and their suppliers for 75 years (including the 20 communications that independent retailers and the expanding convenience Market represents) to give a definitive voice to gasoline and convenience retail in Australia.

The primary intent of the partnership is to leverage the combined strengths of both organizations to increase the vitality of retail within the small-scale gas station retail channel through factual advocacy and knowledge delivery. At a practical level, the partnership has three key elements:

a) National Council for Gasoline and Convenience Retailers: This council consists of ACAPMA member companies and the readership of Convenience World, who are appointed to the National Council for a three-year term. The Council will identify and discuss current issues and challenges faced by fuel and convenience retailers and channel suppliers in order to use these issues to educate the ACAPMA advocacy group to all Australian governments as part of its broad advocacy activity.

B) Knowledge and network forums: At the beginning of each calendar year, an annual program of knowledge and network forums is announced. These forums will be held in electronic form and face-to-face and offer participants the opportunity to network and discuss current and emerging issues within the gas station convenience channel September 2022 in Adelaide).

C) News, Research and market research: Both organizations will pool their joint research capabilities and share their respective news platforms to create a market-leading suite of research and market intelligence that provides insights into some of the current and emerging trends in the gasoline and convenience channel. This work will build on ACAPMA's unique ACAPMAg news platform and Convenience World's highly regarded digital and print media channels to provide regular information to gas station retailers and channel providers alike. This work also includes disseminating the results of strategic research in areas such as:

  • Small format retail innovations
  • Consumer behavior and buying trends
  • Digital commerce
  • The stock economy
  • Technological developments in transportation and retail.

The main strength of this partnership is that it leverages the deep and technical expertise of two highly respected organizations to give gasoline and convenience retailers the opportunity to enter into a real leadership dialogue about the future directions of dynamic gasoline and convenience -Retail industry to direct Australia.

More information will follow in the coming weeks, including the announcement of the members of the first National Petrol & Convenience Retail Council.

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