Product of the yr 2022 winners introduced

Over 5000 Australian shoppers have voted on their favorite supermarket and everyday items at the annual Product of the Year Awards (POY) for 2022.

Now in its 13th year in Australia, the "World's Largest Consumer-Based Awards Program" recognizes product innovation and serves as a shortcut for shoppers to save time and money in finding the right products.

As consumers walk into 2022, they'll nod their heads to brands that put convenience first, with many of the award-winning products falling into either the convenience food or convenience product categories.

“12 of 37 winners this year were light snacks, ready-to-eat products or frozen meals. In addition, it is clear that Aussies are also looking for the ultimate in comfort. 12 of 37 award winners are affordable luxury and pampering items such as mattresses, desserts and skin care products.

“With most of the country going through various lockdowns over the past few months, it's no wonder that Aussies are looking for simple, practical products that suit their lifestyle and make small indulgence at home possible. These results were supported by research by Nielsen for POY, which looked at current consumer shopping habits. The study found that more than one in three Australians (38%) would switch products if it was more convenient for them. "

Product of the Year Director Sarah Connelly says, “The persistent and unexpected restrictions have undoubtedly resulted in significant changes in the consumption habits of Australian households. Now we see people having to work more from home, manage more household chores, and in many cases even teach at home, leaving little time and capacity for the average Aussie to prepare sumptuous meals. Instead, we see the trend towards simple, easy and pre-made meals and snacks that save people time and leave them one less thing to worry about in everyday life.

"In addition, unsurprisingly, we saw a number of broader housewares and lifestyle products on the 2022 winners list, including two Koala furniture products (a mattress and a sofa bed) and a few other lifestyle products, including skin products from The Balnea Body Company."

The Nielsen study found that the desire for convenience is also expressed in the way consumers shop, with consumers looking for merchants with stronger online shopping skills who also offer the best deals and promotions.

“When evaluating the most convenient retailers, a third (33%) of shoppers chose Woolworths as the best e-commerce platform, and Coles and Woolworths were tied for affordability. altogether almost two thirds of the buyers' votes when it came to the best prices. "

This year, major grocery retailers took home the top spots in their categories, with Coles winning 11 awards for a range of products and brands exclusive to Coles and Woolworths winning six awards. It's also always a welcome surprise to see a few smaller companies in the spotlight, including Lakanto's Monkfruit Sweetener products and Lyre's Non-Alcoholic G&T.

“Buyers can be sure of the winners in the“ Product of the Year ”category when purchasing, as they are subjected to a rigorous testing process. A jury made up of various industry experts first tested the products for quality, credibility and innovation. The resulting product finalists were then reviewed and voted on by 5000 Australians. "

The Nielsen research that determines the winners involves evaluating these consumer responses based on their six key innovation criteria, including:

  1. Relevance – Does the product meet a need or does it address a problem?
  2. Uniqueness – does it stand out and bring something new to the category?
  3. Excitement – How excited are you about using the product? Would you spread the word?
  4. Sympathy – Does It Deliver What You Want?
  5. Distinctive – does it add something new to its category?
  6. Innovation – is it an innovative product?

For full coverage of the Product of the Year winners, see the November issue of Retail World.

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