What do you do with the flowers after a Valentine's Day get together?

We all know that Valentine's Day is a celebration of love!

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A day to celebrate the people who are special in our lives and treat them with special care. Flowers are a way to show loved ones how much you care. And even though they're beautiful on their own, what do you do with them after the party? If you don't want to throw them away, you can reuse the flowers in one of the following ways:

Ideas for using your flowers after the party

You can never have too many flowers in one place. Choose a nice vase to keep the flowers for the next few days. A clean vase will do and a flower-shaped holder will look so pretty with all of them Valentine's day roses. Get a nice arrangement and wrap it up once the party is over. I also recommend wrapping the flowers in tissue paper or chiffon. Keep your flowers for as long as possible and keep them in a good, light and airy place.

How to keep them

Cut flowers will eventually wither and die, but there are ways to keep them fresher longer. Change the water in your vase every few days and sprinkle the petals with water to prolong freshness.

If it was a particularly memorable Valentine's Day and you want to keep the flowers forever, think about ways to preserve them permanently, e.g. B. dip in wax or even in gold. Dipping flowers in wax is a bit of a tricky process, but it's a fun home improvement, so try some other flowers or cuttings first.

To preserve flowers in wax you will need:

  • A slow cooker or 1/2 liter saucepan
  • Paraffin wax (attention, paraffin wax is extremely flammable)

You need to slowly melt the wax on the lowest heat and not walk away from the stove – you want the wax to be around 130-140 ° F as this is the perfect temperature for the wax to adhere to the flowers. The lower, and the wax doesn't cover the petals properly, and the higher one will burn and shrink them.

Make flower art

Reusing your flowers on art and craft projects is a great way to get some extra value out of that $ 50 bouquet. For example, you could reuse the ribbon to make a garland or use the extra flower stems to make a paperweight.

A dried flower head can make a beautiful painting canvas. You can even candy your petals for baking, e.g. Vintage birthday party. You can also put the petals in your book to dry and make them your DIY bookmark. They don't dry that long and are very beautiful.

Gardening and composting

You don't have to be an expert to grow your own flowers. With a little patience and effort, you can grow your own potted flowers and use the old ones as compost. If you're scared of getting your clothes dirty, check out some of these simple, comfortable outfits for housework. It's a great way to learn gardening, and you can experiment by choosing your own plant. You can grow flowers of different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can even use lots of these dried flowers to make your eco-friendly home gym something livelier.

There are a few ways to keep the root of the plant, called the root ball, intact so that it can continue to give off the floral scent. So they can last longer. You can even try making a DIY flower pot that will stay clean and have beautiful flowers that keep looking better.

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