Tesco assessments checkout-free store

UK retailer Tesco has opened its first till-free store in central London, offering customers the ability to shop and pay without scanning a product or using a till.

The new GetGo trial version at Tesco Express High Holborn is designed to offer customers the same Tesco products with a seamless shopping experience.

"This is a really exciting moment for Tesco as we roll out GetGo with customers," said Kevin Tindall, Managing Director of Tesco Convenience.

“We're always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience, and our latest innovation gives customers a seamless checkout on the go and helps them save a little more time. This is currently just a trial version in a store, but we're excited to see how our customers will react. "

How it works

Customers with the Tesco.com app can check into the store, pick up the groceries they need and leave without going to a checkout.

A combination of cameras and weight sensors determines what the customer has picked up and charges products directly via the app when they leave the store. The cameras do not use face recognition technology, but instead track body movements.

The store will have an area dedicated to age-restricted products, with a separate exit where staff will manually check ID verification.

Smooth technology

Tesco has partnered with Trigo to introduce its frictionless technology.

The rollout of this technology at Tesco Express High Holborn follows a successful test run in Tesco's employee store in Welwyn Garden City, which was launched in 2019.

Tesco Express High Holborn has been a cashless store since it opened in 2018.

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