Weet-Bix bins to show the Australasian Recycling Label

The Sanitarium Health Food Company shows Australians how to recycle 100% of Weet-Bix packaging.

Starting this month, the Weet-Bix boxes will be labeled with the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL), which makes consumers aware that 100% of the packaging can be recycled without any problems.

“It only takes three simple steps,” says the company. "Eat the Bix, recycle the box and REDcycle the bag."

Todd Saunders, executive general manager of the Sanitarium Health Food Company, says the display of the ARL on Weet-Bix boxes is an important step in the company's sustainable packaging effort.

"If every Weet-Bix consumer were to recycle the inner plastic liner through a REDcycle container, 200 tons of plastic would be diverted from the landfill every year," he says.

“We want every Australian child, young and old, to know that Weet-Bix packaging is 100% recyclable and how to do it.

“We know that 60% of customers look to packaging for information about proper recycling. The introduction of the ARL on the iconic Weet-Bix-Box is an exciting opportunity to raise awareness and improve recycling habits. "

Brooke Donnelly, CEO of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO), says it's great to see the ARL for such an iconic brand that can reach millions of consumers.

"This will help many more Australians get the information they need to make better recycling decisions and support a sustainable future," she says.

“Having Weet-Bix as part of the ARL community will inspire other manufacturers to join the growing number of members who are helping Australians recycle more and more correctly.

"The results from this and other industry-led initiatives to reduce plastic and other materials from landfill will help us meet the national packaging targets for 2025."

ARL will appear on Weet-Bix-Boxes starting this month and on Sanitarium Peanut Butter and Marmite Spreads in the following months.

Sanitarium will support its ARL rollout with a social media campaign and information on the Sanitarium website that will provide practical tips and advice on how to dispose of packaging responsibly and reduce food waste.

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