GS1 Australia awards the "Requirements in Motion" award for the primary time

World Standards Day took place on October 14th. This year's theme “Shared Vision for a Better World” underscores the need for standards to ensure that GS1's global goals for sustainable development are met.

2021 GS1 Australia Standards in Action Award winner Woolworths Senior Project Manager Roberto Olivares.

GS1 standards enable transparency in the supply chain, which in turn enables more sustainability.

“At GS1 Australia we bring supply chain partners together to work together. The success of our standards begins with the remarkable people who give their time, passion and expertise to drive change in the industry, ”said a statement from the company.

On the occasion of World Standards Day, the GS1 Australia Standards in Action Award recognizes an individual who:

  • Actively promotes the development and application of GS1 standards in your organization and industry
  • Is an actor in change and influences the adoption of GS1 standards
  • Shows outstanding supply chain innovation, vision, and leadership
  • Guides and supports the global community in adopting GS1 standards
  • Contributes to the development process of GS1 standards
  • Openly share insights and challenges with others on their journey to implement GS1 standards.

Woolworths Senior Project Manager Roberto Olivares was announced as the winner of the 2021 award.

Mr. Olivares was instrumental in the implementation of GS1 Databar and GS1 DataMatrix in 1400 Woolworths and Countdown branches in 2500 lines from over 4000 suppliers.

"Roberto and the Woolworths project team have done pioneering work in introducing 2D barcodes for point-of-sale retail outlets," said Andrew Steele, Director Retail at GS1 Australia.

2D barcodes are content-rich on-pack symbols that make it possible to embed multiple data elements and make them available when scanned at the point of sale. These barcodes make it possible to automatically stop sales of expired or recalled products at the checkout and allow better management of the rotation of goods through stores and a significant reduction in food waste.

“At Woolworths, we plan to use the potential of these barcodes to provide our customers with valuable information on origin, quality and sustainability. As we work towards a better future with our suppliers, 2D barcodes can help us provide customers with verified evidence of a product's sustainability, ”explains Olivares.

Mr Olivares said he was grateful for this formal recognition of his work, but stressed that this was a team effort that he would like to represent. Comparable to football: "It is the team that wins the game, not the individual."

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