Coles presents its Christmas vary for the festive summer season season

As Australians look forward to meeting up with their friends and family over the Christmas season, Coles has unveiled its 2021 Christmas range designed to help customers enjoy an exceptional experience that is both easy to prepare and affordable – For money offers.

According to customer insights from Coles, Australians will start planning their Christmas entertainment in October – September 2020).

Coles made planning and prep easy, with over 150 new and improved products to hit stores and online over the coming weeks. The range includes the complete Christmas experience from gourmet starters to warm you up, hearty side dishes and salads, regional and sensational centerpieces for gatherings of all sizes to tempting desserts.

The teams from Liquorland, First Choice Liquor Market and Vintage Cellars have put together Christmas drink pairs that make bringing food and drink together easier than ever.

Meanwhile, Coles is making Christmas more sustainable this year, with more responsibly sourced products across its range of food, drink, gifts and decorations.

Coles will offer its first range of 100% plastic-free and recyclable festive crackers. The Coles Festive Crackers made of FSC paper are stylish and give the Christmas table decorations a rustic designer tone. The festive crackers are hidden inside and include a classic joke, paper hat and puzzles to play around the Christmas table.

Coles' decorative range includes new wind-up wooden musical toys for children and wooden ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree and provide more sustainable gift options for Australian parents.

All Coles Christmas Hams are sow-free and 100% Aussie hormone-free, Hunter Valley turkeys and Coles chickens are RSPCA approved and Coles will be the first supermarket to offer an Australian Assured Duck in Australia.

The Coles Liquor beverage range has more local and sustainable refreshments this year, including The Bio Project wines made in partnership with Shingleback from McLaren Vale in South Australia who are committed to greening their vineyards. The plants they use provide benefits to the vineyard by targeting beneficial insects and native birds, improving water quality and restoring some of McLaren Vale's biodiversity.

And to make life in the kitchen even easier, Coles is rewarding its customers from October 27th with new kitchen utensils to collect, including four new MasterChef knives made of stainless steel, a pair of scissors and a handy electric mini chopper, as well as a return of the four most popular knives from last year's collection.

Welcoming its very first turducken, Coles offers an Australian twist on a popular U.S. holiday dish and a perfect choice for those who want it all – succulent turkey, duck, and chicken rolled into one. It's made with RSPCA-certified Hunter Valley turkey with a native Davidson plum, five spices, and pistachio filling, topped with a layer of Coles Assured Duck, and wrapped in a partially boned RSPCA-certified chicken.

Steven Cain, CEO of Coles Group, says customers deserve a special Christmas party more than ever this year, so Coles came to the party with its most delicious and easiest selection of festive foods to date.

“Coles has always been committed to a high value for all Australians, and the past few years have given us a new appreciation for what we have here in Australia – the people, the food and the communities. We have worked hard with our team of suppliers, product developers, farmers, development chefs, our supply chain, and our team members to deliver simple meal solutions that offer great value and exceptional quality, ”said Cain.

“After another challenging year for so many Australians, we want to make this fun season as easy and affordable as possible, so they can spend more time sharing and less time preparing, with our new and expanded range of high quality, easy dishes to be prepared solutions.

“And to show that Coles customers have our famous crackling ham and can carve it too, our latest loyalty program adds even more value to our customers at the checkout by rewarding them with an expanded line of MasterChef stainless steel knives that do that Make Christmas cooking even easier! "

Coles Ambassador Courtney Roulston and award-winning Australian chef Luke Mangan unveiled the new Christmas collection to the media today before the products hit stores across the country.

“It's a Christmas like you've never had at Coles – with chef-inspired appetizers, entrees and desserts that are easy to prepare, so you spend less time in the kitchen and take traditional Christmas cuisine to the next level, more time with family and friends, ”says Ms. Roulston.

“The Crackling Ham Rib Rack Roast is going to be a real crowd-pleaser this Christmas. Simply season the rind generously with sea salt and put it in the oven, the customers will love this wonderfully rich, golden roast with juicy, tender ham and a crispy crackle. Serving on the bone not only ensures better taste, but also makes the ham a perfect centerpiece and easy for customers to carve and portion – without any quarrel about crackling. "

Coles Bakery has also added more sweet treats for vegans to its range of desserts, including new Coles Meringue Kisses, Coles Finest Mirror Glaze Chocolate & Salted Caramel Desserts, matured Christmas pudding and a gluten-free fruit cake.

To help Australians prepare and distribute Christmas expenses, Coles launched its core range of puddings, fruit mince pies and baked goods from September onwards, Seafood in November and Hunter Valley turkeys and turkeys in mid-December.

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