An "elevated salmon" arrives in Australia

The New Zealand shelf Salmon has officially launched in Australia.

Regal celebrates king salmon and is “excited” to share its “increased salmon offer” with Australian consumers. According to the brand, the quality and temperature of the "pure" water in which the salmon is raised ensure the best possible taste and nutrient retention.

The king salmon is a rare catch and is believed to make up 0.7% of the world's salmon. The New Zealand producer claims that they produce over 50% of the world's king salmon.

King salmon, which has the highest oil content of all salmon species, is advertised as an "excellent source of protein" and contains some of the highest omega-3 levels per serving compared to other salmon and seafood.

Regal is audited and certified annually by the Global Aquaculture Alliance's independent Best Aquaculture Practices program to ensure sustainability.

Regal's Cold Smoked Salmon Slices (MSRP $ 9) and Wood Roasted Portions (MSRP $ 12) are now available on the chilled smoked salmon aisle in Coles nationwide.

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