The very best French purple wines 2021

Treat yourself to some of the best French wines of 2021!

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France has had excellent vintages without interruption since 2015. This means that this year the quality from all wine regions and in all wine styles is better than ever. Red wines are particularly good right now. The wine is complex, bold and refined and is balanced by the most attractive acidity. This is what French red wine 2021 is all about – balance.
Here are our favorite French reds to buy this year, and there is something for every budget and palate. All of these wines are ready to ship to:

1. Chateau Bonalgue 2012, Pomerol

Chateau Bonalgue is a stunning property in Pomerol, home to the world's finest Merlot. The winery is run by Jean-Baptiste Audy, a renowned family business that was founded in 1906! Expect black and blueberry flavors with hints of espresso from this ink-colored wine, and while this beauty is at its peak, it certainly has a long life ahead of it. A pretty, classic Pomerol that shows the region is as exciting as ever. Pro tip: 2012 is an exquisite vintage for the area.

2. Pierre Gaillard Red 2018, Cornas

Domaine Pierre Gaillard has vineyards all over the south of France, including 25 hectares in the northern Rhône. There is no doubt that some of the winery's best grapes come from the steep Cornas vineyards. This is a 100% Syrah with plum and blackberry aromas with a hint of Provence herbs, lavender and the slightest scent of leather. Expect great concentration and length on the palate. This one should not be missed and it is still very young. You're going to put down some bottles and want to come back to them in ten years!

3. Domaine Pontifical Vignes D’Albert Et Victorine Red 2017, Châteauneuf Du Pape

The family estate run by Francois Laget has been around since the 1920s and is a great ambassador for Châteauneuf's rustic blends. This is a 90% Grenache with 10% Syrah, but it's much more layered and complex than you can imagine. From flavors that smell of ripe plums and raisins to hints of dried herbs and black pepper, this robust red wine is built to stand the test of time. And thanks to the vintage conditions, the wine has a beautiful acidity that will fascinate you.

4. Domaine des Paissels Les Jalouses 2018, Saint-Chinian

Saint-Chinian is an up and coming wine region in Languedoc, and the wine is of the highest quality, especially when it comes from the Domaine des Paissels. The name of the game here is Carignan; Nowhere in the world are there such exciting wines made from the lesser-known grape. Muted red fruits and warm spices dominate the bouquet of this wine, on the palate it is structured and appealingly rustic – it will age pretty well!

5. Domaine Coste-Caumartin Les Vignots Red 2017, Pommard Premier Cru

Our list wouldn't be complete without a few Burgundy wines, and our top pick this year is the 17th-century Domaine Coste-Caumartin. With 12.78 hectares of vineyards, the Domaine’s most prestigious wine comes from Les Vignots, a Pinot-only parcel in Pommard. Tart black cherries, white mushrooms and undergrowth make this wine an authentic "iron fist in a velvet glove". 2017 was a productive vintage that was rated excellent, so the wine is layered and complex to say the least.

6. Domaine Matray Vieilles Vignes 2018, Juliénas

Beaujolais has long since left its fruity, uncomplicated wines behind. Producers like Domaine Matray use the region's old vines for bold and sophisticated red wines of structure and depth. Domaine Matray has been cultivating 11 hectares of vines in Juliénas for five generations – it's safe to say that they know their vineyards like the back of their hand. Expect blackberries and black currants over a silky and long mid palate. This Beaujolais will age very well.

7. Château La Moulière Red 2017, Bergerac

The 2017 vintage was amazing for Right Bank and Sud-Ouest. The reds are ink, focused, and age-appropriate – they're still easy to enjoy! Château La Moulière has vineyards in Entre-Deux-Mers and Bergerac, and the region has increased its quality dramatically. Today a Bergerac is as safe as a Saint Emilion, and that's saying something. With a great price-performance ratio, this cherry-scented red is hard to love.

8. Domaine Chamfort 2018, Vacqueyras

The family estate in the southern Rhone Valley produces excellent cru-level wines in Sablet, Rasteau and Vacqueyras. It is the Vacqueyras that will really surprise you. This balanced mixture of 65% Grenache, 25% Mourvedre and 10% Syrah is fruity and spicy, warm and attractively familiar. Made from grapes from old vines and matured in oak and concrete, that is the Rhône Valley in 2021; Tradition meets modernity for exceptional wine!

9. Domaine de la Garenne 2017, Bandol

This year, the south of France is the place to look for your next bottle of wine, and few regions are more interesting than Bandol, an oasis for red wine in the heart of Provence. This wine is mainly Mourvèdre, and Domaine de la Garenne is as traditional as it gets; The Balincourt family takes the appellation to the next level. Expect black fruit flavors, ripe berries and spices on a robust palate of exceptional length.

10. Château Fombrauge 2018, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

So it's no wonder that Château Fombrauge is back on our top French wine list. The property offers exceptional value. Bernard Magrez is behind the chateau and they are masters of more than just winemaking; They take hospitality to the next level in the region. Enjoying this 90% Merlot, 10% Cab Franc at the Grand Cru Classé Chateau is an extraordinary experience and we are seeing it all over the country this year. Wine in France is more interactive than ever.

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