The way to maximize area with a loft conversion

Maximize the space of your house with a loft conversion, that's how it works!

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When it comes to loft conversions in Essex, the county homeowners just can't get enough! There are so many ways to renovate your home and use a converted loft to really maximize the space in your home. If you're on the hunt for ideas, below are some great ones – and what to do before you get started.

Is your loft suitable for a renovation?

Above all, ask yourself one question: is your loft suitable for remodeling? Although there is no minimum room height in the building regulations, there is a required height for stairwells and entrances. It should be 2 meters or higher in the middle – and this height is always best checked by a specialist. A specialized loft conversion company can map the room exactly.

What should you use your loft conversion for?

Once you are sure that your loft is ready to be remodeled, it is time to decide what to use the space for. There are a number of options available to you, including:

Extra living space

If there is not enough quality living space in your home, a loft conversion could be the perfect option for you. You can use it as an adult-only area, with stylish decor and a large TV that you can watch your favorite shows on as soon as the kids have gone to bed. Or maybe you want to make it a place for the whole family with smart storage solutions for kids' toys and games.

Home office

With more and more people choosing to work from home, working from home in a property has never been more desirable. Because it is somewhat separated from the main living area of ​​your home, it gives you the privacy you need to stay productive all day. Whether you need a desk or a workspace for crafting items, a converted loft could be the perfect base to work with.

Bedroom with ensuite bathroom

If you always have friends and family over, a dedicated guest suite could be the perfect addition to your home. Alternatively, you might want to create a beautiful master suite just for yourself, with its own bathroom and / or dressing area. Whoever this new sleeping area is for, it will add real added value to your home, because the bedroom and bathroom are what buyers love in a loft extension.

Find the right team for the job

It is important that you work with a roofing specialist you can trust. They not only advise you on the optimal use of your attic, but can also tell you which loft conversion is best – both for your home and for your idea of ​​your attic. All work is carried out to the highest possible standards and all current UK rules and regulations are followed to the letter.

What's next?

If you are looking to remodel your attic, there are so many options available to you. Just make sure you are working with a company with years of experience in loft remodeling in Essex and you have a space that perfectly suits your needs.

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